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Michael Bloomfield If You Love the Blues BOOK/CD

Michael Bloomfield If You Love the Blues BOOK/CD On February 15, 1981, Michael Bloomfield’s lifeless body was found locked inside a car on a side street in San Francisco. The police were called in, and the body lay unclaimed in the morgue until its identity could be ascertained. Thus ended the troubled life of a world-class bluesman who changed an entire generation of music lovers and guitar players. This book traces the rise and fall of one of the most talented, charismatic, and influential guitarists of the 1960s. Born into a wealthy family, misunderstood by his father, and plagued by manic depression, Michael Bloomfield achieved a musical brilliance that led to gold records and a posthumous election to The Blues Foundation Hall of Fame. Includes a CD of rare tracks plus a foreword by Carlos Santana. 280 Pages.

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