100 Years Of Blues

My name’s Elvin, I’m from Oklahoma
This is my pal Charlie, now he’s from Tennessee
We’re here with you all this evening and damn glad to be
We’ve been playing this music a long time
I’ll tell you folks the truth
You know between the two of us
You’re looking at a hundred years of blues

We got our education in our Chicago, way back in the 1960’s
Hangin’ out in those clubs, chasin’ girls, and playing blues and drinking all kinds of whiskey
Running all over the South Side (Yeah, man, down at 43rd and Vincennes) (Yeah, Pepper’s) and the West Side too (oh yeah, Lake and Kedzie) (Wolf’s hangout) ( Silvio’s)
Man, think about it,
It’s been a hundred years of blues

Yeah, me and Elvin knew all the cats
We knew Wolf and Muddy and Sonny Boy too
We had a mighty fine time, you know we were just around breaking all the rules
We’re glad you came to see us
And it’s really good to see you all
You know we’re mighty glad to be here
And actually we’re lucky to be anywhere at all
Well, if you like what you hear
And you think we paid our dues
I just want you to remember
We bring you a hundred years of the blues
(I ain’t lyin’)

Yeah, you know they tell me, Charlie,
You can’t teach a old dog new tricks
I guess it is true
We been around since the Dead Sea was sick
I guess we better keep on just doin’ what we do
Lord have mercy, it’s been a hundred years of blues