Damage Control

Curtis Salgado

I Don't Do That No More

(David Duncan, Curtis Salgado & Mike Finnigan, Covered Call Music, BMI, Odaglas Music, ASCAP/Irish Stew Music, BMI)

Well, Tanqueray and Stoli
My old my partners in crime
Two friends I knew
Tried and true
Who could ease my troubled mind
And when I finally hit rock bottom
Way down on the killing floor
I almost took my own life
But then I thought twice
So I don’t do that no more

Well, I don’t do that  no more
I had to let it all go
I was high and wild
Burnin’ up miles
Living right out of control
Well now, I like to live on the edge
But it ain’t worth dying for
So oh no, I ain’t never
Telling you no
I don’t do that no more

Had my battles with the hard stuff
It just about killed me dead
It was more than I could take
Made my body shake
Did a number on my head
Well, I swore to the heavens above
If I survive I’ll give it all up
Now the hardest thing I touch
Thank you very much
Is caffeine in my coffee cup

Well, I don’t do that no more
I left it all behind

I had my fun with it
Now I’m done with it
At least I’m not out of my mind
I still like to rock and roll

I guess I’ve always been hard core
But I ain’t never gonna do that
Yeah, true that
I’m never gonna do that no more

I used to be a bad actor
Center stage, bigger than life
Now the smallest things make my heart sing
I know I finally got it right
Well, I was far from sober
Tore up and laid to the side
Now my only vice is loving this life
And watching this world go by

Oh, I don’t do that no more
I got a whole other thing
There’s a smile on my face
I’m in a better place
And my woman treats me like a king, oh yeah
We like to have our fun
And life is better than it was before
I said, oh no!

No, no!

Hell no!
I ain’t never
Never gonna do that, do that

Never, oh no
Never gonna do that no more