Damage Control

Curtis Salgado

The Fix Is In

(Curtis Salgado, Alan Hager, Ryan Waters, Alby Alan and Suzanne Dominique, Odaglas Music/Ahamusic, ASCAP)

Hello, music lovers
It’s the 21st century
But the more times change
The more the old hustle remains the same
And I’ve learned if it sounds too good to be true
It usually isn’t good…or true
I’ve learned to question everything
And not to be a fool and believe the spin
And I watch my back because
The fix is in

The fix is in
Long before we tossed the dice
They sized us up
And oh, they figured right
They know how to keep you hooked
Take more money from your pocketbook
‘Cause there’s a sucker born every day
They can see you coming a mile away

They’ll meet and greet
Call you their friend
But behind your back
They’re whispering,
The fix is in
Well, well, the fix is in

Now, wait a minute
Remember the crash, 2008 and your 401k
It’s the number on your pay stub that you file away
It’s the golden ticket that’s just a tease
That you’ll retire to a life of ease
But those dreams had vanished
From crooked business dealings
White collar crime, greed and corporate stealing
Not one CEO responsible did time in the pen
‘Cause they’re the one percenters
The fix was in
The fix was in

Somebody, play me the blues!

Now listen
It’s election time
We’re standing in line
Elephants, donkeys, casting pearls before the swine
They promise to make a change
Tell us what we want to hear
Tempt us with hope
And hook us with fear
It’s the same old okey doke
I think you might agree
Back room politicians
With trump cards up their sleeves 

Still, I always show
To cast my vote again
But it’s hard to trust the system
When the fix is in
Well, yeah, the fix is in

I, I know, it hurts you, don’t it?
Supposed to look out for one another
I can’t trust nobody these days
What’s happening to our country?
There’s so much greed
The fix is in, oh
The fix is in