Damage Control

Curtis Salgado

The Longer That I Live

(Curtis Salgado, David Duncan and Mike Finnigan, Odaglas Music, ASCAP/Covered Call Music/Irish Stew Music, BMI)

Let me testify a little bit
Yeah, yeah

What is the meaning of life?
Well, I can’t talk philosophy
I know with every new sunrise
The more it dawns on me
Well, I may be getting on
But I sure ain’t done yet
‘Cause the longer that I live
The older I wanna get

My body’s just flesh and bone
Wrapped around a soul
And when it’s time to leave this earth
I hope I’m the last to know
When I go I’ll be screaming
“I ain’t finished yet!”
‘Cause the longer that I live, yes
The older I wanna get

Now listen
Some folks just lay down and quit
At the end of life’s race
But I’m gonna keep on keeping on
With one foot down in the grave
Oh yeah

You see, I climbed the mountains high
And I played the valleys low
And for all the gigs I’ve done
I ain’t got much to show
No, I’m never slowing down
Until I play my final set
‘Cause that the longer that live
The older I wanna get

Oh, you better believe it, yeah
I want to keep on keeping on
With every new sunrise
The older I wanna get
I wanna push and keep on keeping on
Heading down life’s long road
I’m gonna have to be dragged
Just kicking, screaming, I wanna live a long, long life
Until I get
My final curtain call