Damage Control

Curtis Salgado

What Did Me In Did Me Well

(Curtis Salgado, Vyasa Dodson and Mike Finnigan, Odaglas Music, ASCAP, Irish Stew Music, BMI)

I lost my pride, but gained an insight
Discovered the truth
I was blind
I learned in time
Oh, love is in the details
What did me in
Oh, did me well

My heart was on fire
My path ablaze
Smoke in my eyes
Whoa, I lost my way
But when I saw you again
I knew I knew how far I fell, how far I fell
What did me in
You know, it did me well

Stars align, they’re out of reach
Up above where we can’t see
Heaven has a master plan
And I know it’s looking over me

Well, I had no faith
I stumbled and I fell
So many questions
No answers to tell

Back you came
This time love, love prevailed, yes it did
Now I know
Well, what did me in did me well
Oh, what did me in did me well
Oh, when you forgave me baby, yeah
Don’t you know you did me well
When you brought me back in your arms
Don’t you know baby
What did me in did me well
It’s alright