Roadside Attractions

Marcia Ball

That's How It Goes
When I woke up this morning
I saw the sun was shining in my door
I opened up my eyes and saw
I did not have to worry anymore
I’m going to let a little secret slip
It’s not the destination, it’s the trip
It’s the moss you gather while you roll
Don’t you know, that’s how it goes

You’ve got to stop, look and listen
The message that you’re getting is clear
You can’t wait for Christmas
It’s Christmas every day of the year
So count your blessings one by one
Welcome every rising sun
‘Cause pretty soon your race is run
Don’t you know, that’s how it goes

I help you and you help me
That’s the way the world should be
Tit for tat and give and take
Just be good for goodness sake
I’ll pick you up if you should fall
It works both ways if it works at all
Hold in your heart the people you love
Always thank the powers above
Everyone deserves a share
So keep your promise, fair is fair

So gather ‘round me people
And help me while I sing this song
I’d rather have you with me
Together as we travel along
It’s the feeling of the wind in your face
The sound of the music they play
The friends you make along the way
Don’t you know, that’s how it goes

Don’t you know, that’s how it goes
Just so you know, that’s how it goes