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Big Boss Man - The Life & Music Of Bluesman Jimmy Reed BOOK

Big Boss Man - The Life & Music Of Bluesman Jimmy Reed BOOK Alcoholic. Epileptic. Technically challenged. Jimmy Reed nevertheless overcame these roadblocks to become perhaps the most successful R&B/pop cross-over artist of the '50s with songs like “Big Boss Man” and “Bright Lights, Big City.” Musicians, family members, and those whose lives Reed touched offer revealing and heart-wrenching insights into this now-revered bluesman. While Reed's alcoholism was no secret, its effect on his musicianship is less understood. This engaging book tells the real story that until now has not been told.

"Dispels the myths, casts some light on popular folktales and uncovers hard truths that even die-hard fans wouldn't know." – TimeOut Chicago

"The author deftly explains the mojo of blues and how Reed worked it." – The Austin Chronicle (December 2006)

"The depth and breadth of Romano's meticulous research will engross fans... A serious contender for book of the year...essential reading." – Blues Review Magazine

Price: $26.98