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Billy Boy Arnold: Chicago Blues Harmonica

Billy Boy Arnold: Chicago Blues Harmonica A Guide To The Classic Amplified Harp Sounds Of Johnny Lee Williamson, Little Walter, Sonny Boy Wiliamson, & Billy Boy himself

Billy is an unparalleled source of historical information about the development of harmonica in this century. After delivering an informative and entertaining introduction about the instrument he loves, Billy walks and talks you through the important aspects of the styles of both Sonny Boys and the two Walters. Each artist's work is demonstrated by a performance with rhythm section backing and then a clear, concise explanation. Topics covered include playing in first, second, and third positions, note bending, trills, back up accompaniant, and playing minor blues.

Billy shows it all with diatonic and chromatic harps, spicing his musical analysis with anecdotes and gentle humor. A booklet with the main musical examples transcribed combines with the DVD in the definitive method for learning Classic Chicago Blues Harmonica!

DVD 57 Minutes

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