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Chicago Overcoat DVD

Chicago Overcoat DVD Feature film with 7 Alligator songs & filmed entirely in Chicago

Starring Frank Vincent (The Sopranos, Goodfellas, Casino), Kathrine Narducci (The Sopranos, A Bronx Tale), Mike Starr (Goodfellas, Ed Wood, Radio Days), Stacy Keach (American History X, Mike Hammer, Prison Break) and Armand Assante (American Gangster, The Mambo Kings, Gotti) Chicago Overcoat has won the Best Of The Fest award at the 2009 Chicago International Film Festival and is now available on DVD.

The Chicago outfit was the most powerful organized crime syndicate of the 20th century and Lou Marazano (Frank Vincent) was their deadliest hitman. When a high-profile union representative is arrested for tax fraud, the Outfit's top boss orders a string of key witnesses silenced before the government can uncover a vast conspiracy. Lou finds out about the job and sees an opportunity to finance his retirement and leave Chicago with his girlfriend. But when relentless homicide detectives begin nipping at his heels, Lou must prove he is the Outfit's most deadly hitman--a title held twenty years ago.

"The most charismatic mafia murderer since Tony Soprano."--Variety

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