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Let Your Music Soar: The Emotional Connection BOOK with CD

Let Your Music Soar: The Emotional Connection BOOK with CD Co-written by Corky Siegel (of Siegel-Schwall fame) and Peter Krammer along with illustrations by Holly Siegel. Let Your Music Soar: The Emotional connection offers a revolutionary tool that will transform and deepen the evocative power of music for musicians overnight. While this is a ground-breaking guide book for professionals and teachers as well as students and hobbyists, it is also an entertaining and inspiring exploration for anyone interested in the world of artistic expression.

"Masterful, insightful, filled with light and passion, he reaches into the deepest depths of his soul and offers a resourceful learning experience. A must for any music aficionado." - Salli Squitieri and Gabriel Butterfield, The Paul Butterfield Fund and Society

"Let Your Music Soar returns music to those who love and make it. Corky Siegel's book - so beautifully accompanied by Holly's pointed and amusing artwork - offers immensely practical insights into how to draw out the music that is within us and share it with others. Reading this book will make you want to pick up the ukulele or blues harp you haven't played since the seventh grade, or help you unlock the true note of personality that even accomplished professional players can neglect. It is peppered with sentences that make you slap your forehead and say, 'Of course! It's so clear now. Gotta try that!' Thirty years of trial, error, and joy have been distilled into a bracing and entertaining brew." - Scott Simon - Peabody Award Winner, Host of NPR's Week-end Edition Paperback 97 pages includes companion CD

Price: $19.98