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Midnight Riders The Story Of The Allman Brothers Band

Midnight Riders The Story Of The Allman Brothers Band Among the most popular and innovative American rock groups of the last few decades, but also among the most fraught with infighting and scandal, the Allman Brothers band has had a turbulent history, and freelance journalist Scott Freeman's well-written and meticulously researched band bio is an engrossing read. Describing with equal candor the group's greatest triumphs--its unique fusion of blues, rock and country music traditions, and its claim to have put "Southern rock" on the map, as well as their greatest tragedies--the untimely deaths of frontman Duane Allman and bassist Berry Oakley, Gregg Allman's perennial substance abuse problems, the band members' various failed marriages (most famously, Gregg's to Cher).

Freeman's account is sympathetic and unflinchingly candid, and is supplemented by balanced assessments of each Allman Brothers album.

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