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Chasin' That Devil Music BOOK w/CD

Chasin' That Devil Music BOOK w/CD Chasin' That Devil Music – Searching for the Blues presents the results of extensive research by a blues scholar who has researched the artists on old 78 RPM records to uncover their stories. Includes rare interviews and the actual songs which are on the CD included with each book. CD includes 19 rare blues songs.

In 1962, a tenacious young Mississippi journalist began unearthing the rich history of the nearly forgotten Delta bluesmen of the 1920s and '30. The celebrated fruits of his labor are gathered here for the first time--including his tale of finding Robert Johnson's elusive death certificate after a three-year search across southern states.

This book by expert blues scholar Gayle Dean Wardlow reveals the stories of the great blues pioneers--many in their own words. Based on personal interviews, public records, and even door-to-door canvassing.

Wardlow's lively writings reflect his unique excitement of blues search-and-discovery. He paints colorful portraits of both legends and unknowns of the 1920s, '30s and beyond who helped shape the music: Charlie Patton, Ishmon Bracey, Bukka White, Tommy Johnson, the Real Willie Brown, Skip James and dozens more.

The companion CD brings to life rare Delta blues selections by legendary bluesmen, plus snippets of Wardlow's interviews with musicians.

Price: $24.98