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@AmeriBluesScene in-depth intvw w/ Jarekus Singleton @reakdog @MtTremblant #bluesmusic
8/29/2014 4:33PM

@BlurtMagazine reviews Jarekus SIngleton @Reakdog REFUSE TO LOSE. 5 stars. #bluesmusic
8/29/2014 2:31PM

@RollingStone Sr Editor @rsfricke selects @ElvinBishop42 "Can't Even Do Wrong Right" for his Radio Picks (Track #11)
8/29/2014 1:30PM

RT @DownFChi: Gardening guest post from my Dad @ElvinBishop42 Advice for growing organic Heirloom Tomatoes in SF #ga…
8/28/2014 5:30PM

Jarekus Singleton @reakdog featured on @TheBluesMobile this wknd (8/30-31). @alligator1971 #bluesmusic #elwood
8/28/2014 3:28PM

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