Ain't Gonna Hush!

Saffire--The Uppity Blues Women

Ain't Gonna Hush!

Feisty, downhome blues full of wit and humor. "Saffire dishes out irresistible portions of sass and soul, all in the name of contemporary, good-humored, take-no-guff blues." -DOWNBEAT

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1. Ain't Gonna Hush 2:17
2. It Takes A Mighty Good Man 3:27
3. Coffee Flavored Kisses 2:46
4. *Nobody Ever Touched Me There 4:59
5. He Really Makes It Hard For Me To Sing The Blues 3:17
6. Blues For Sharon Bottoms 4:16
7. You Got To Tell Me 3:31
8. Footprints On The Ceiling 3:28
9. Let The Gin Do The Talking 2:34
10. Unlove You 4:32
11. *Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox 3:36
12. Birthday Suit 3:31
13. Happy Birthday To Me 2:47
14. Once In A While 3:19
15. If I Should Die Tonight 4:39

*4. Nobody Ever Touched Me There (E.G. Kight, Dianna Ryan, Richard Fleming & Sunny Stephens, Georgia Songbird Muisc, BMI/Kight Flying Music, ASCAP/Air Deluxe Publishing, BMI/Nitelife Charlie Music, BMI)

*11. Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (Rick Blaylock, Howard Perdew & Kerry Phillips, DreamWorks Songs admin. by Cherry Lane Muisc Publ. Co., ASCAP/Songs of DreamWorks admin. by Cherry River Music Co., BMI/EMI-Longitude Music, BMI/EMI-Full Keel Music, ASCAP)

Gaye Adegbalola- Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals
Andra Faye- Bass, Mandolin, Fiddle and Vocals, Guitar on It Takes A Mighty Good Man
Ann Rabson- Piano and Vocals, Guitar on Once In A While

Produced by Saffire-The Uppity Blues Women and Bruce Iglauer
Associate Producer- Bonnie Tallman
Recorded and mixed at Cue Recording Studios, Falls Church, VA
Recorded and mixed by Chris Murphy
Mastered by Brian Jensen and Bruce Iglauer at MonsterDisc, Chicago, IL
Photos by Dan Fitzpatrick/Studio 2, Fredericksburg, VA
Packaging Design by Kevin Niemiec
Ann and Andra's hair by Kerri Moran; Gaye's hair by Suzanne Moe; Makeup by Desireé Castillo

Background Vocals:
Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox- Juno Pitchford, Chris Murphy, Bruce Iglauer and Saffire
Let The Gin Do The Talking- Ann Rabson and Gaye Adegbalola
Blues For Sharon Bottoms, Coffee Flavored Kisses and Ain't Gonna Hush- Andra Faye and Gaye Adegbalola

Saffire-The Uppity Blues Women would like to thank:
Bruce Iglauer and the Alligator Records staff; Bonnie Tallman and BC Productions (Cathy Calvert and Jack Demarest); Steve King; Mongrel Music; East Coast Entertainment; Felicia Mazur; Thom Schiff; Chris Murphy; Chris, George and Suzanne (for all they do) and all our Uppity fans.

Gaye Adegbalola would like to thank:
Kathy Douberly and Andra Faye for their contributions to the background vocal ideas on
"Coffee Flavored Kisses," and to Miz Moe for the concept of "Happy Birthday To Me."
Suzanne, I'm so proud of you. Juno, my son, I'm so proud of you. Mom, I'm so proud
of you. And. . . I'm so proud of being loved by all of you. Thank you, Lord! 360o!

Andra Faye would like to thank:
My husband Chris, for love and laughter--you are truly "beyond compare." And as always,
my wonderful family and extended family of friends for their steadfast support and unwavering love, without which none of this would be possible.

Ann Rabson would like to thank:
My family, my friends and blues lovers of every stripe.

Bruce Iglauer would like to thank:
My dear friends in Saffire; Bonnie Tallman (winner of the Unsung Heroine Award); Andre
"Mr. A&R" Hobus; Marco Partin and the folks at TOA Electronics ( for quality bullhorns delivered to your door.

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