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Welcome to Alligator Records
When I created Alligator Records, the very first promo piece to promote that very first Hound Dog Taylor album was headed "Genuine Houserockin' Music." That became our slogan, and we wear it proudly today. "Genuine" because the music we record is deeply rooted in the blues tradition (even when it pushes the standard definition of blues) and is created by musicians who have honed their songs not on synthesizers in their bedrooms, but in front of real audiences, responding to the emotional needs of their listeners. "House" instead of "theatre" or "arena" or "stadium," because our music is ultimately intimate, even when it's big and loud. It's not meant to be presented. It's meant to be shared between the musicians and the audience, like everyone at Florence's shared the music with Hound Dog Taylor. And "Rockin'" because it's designed to move you. Most of Alligator's records will move your feet or your body, but we've tried to make records that will move that other part of your soul. Sometimes that can mean music that cleanses your inner pain by pulling it out of you, the "hurts so good" that is so special to the blues. And sometimes it just means the pure release and fun of musicians pouring their energy into a great groove.
-Bruce Iglauer

Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite - 100 Years Of Blues! Interview by Kid Andersen

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Classic Rhythm & Blues Volume 2 DVDClassic Rhythm & Blues Volume 2 DVD
With 25 albums under his belt, Ben Sidran's experience in the music industry has endowed him with hard-won skill and encyclopedic knowledge, to add to his innate talent. Well-known for his collaboration with Steve Miller on his classic "Space Cowboy," Sidran was nominated for a Grammy for his album CONCERT FOR GARCIA LORCA, and contributed music for the soundtrack of HOOP DREAMS. Here, Sidran applies his vast musical expertise to the presentation of classic 1980s rhythm & blues performances,...

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