Bad Axe

Son Seals

Bad Axe

Just guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, driven by raw emotion and overwhelming Seals guitar. "An explosive mixture of blues, funk, rock'n'roll and crackling electricity"--ROBERT PALMER

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1. Don't Pick Me For Your Fool 3:46
2. Going Home 3:12
3. Just About To Lose Your Clown 4:14
4. Friday Again 3:50
5. Cold Blood 3:10
6. Out Of My Way 3:35
7. I Think You're Fooling Me 3:52
8. I Can Count On My Blues 6:08
9. Can't Stand To See Her Cry 4:03
10. Person To Person 3:12

All songs by Seals, Eyeball Music, except as noted

Son Seals, Guitar and Vocals
Sid Wingfield or
Carl Snyder, Jr. (*), Keyboards
Carlos Johnson (*), Guitar
Johnny B. Gayden or Nick Charles (*), Bass
Willie Hayes or Rick Howard (*), Drums

Produced by Son Seals and Bruce Iglauer
Recorded at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, Illinois
Engineered and mixed by Justin Niebank
Cover photos by Paul Natkin/Photo Reserve
Cover design by Chris Garland, XENO

Billy Branch plays harmonica on I Can Count On My Blues

Throat-ripping drive, and his delivery is as sharp as a stiletto point." --ROLLING STONE

"He has total command of his instrument, and the result is awesome. . . ferocious attack, vicious, searing guitar and passionate singing." --DOWNBEAT

"Son Seals grew up next door to a Delta juke joint, and his music is an authentic, modern extension of the traditions created by men like Muddy Waters and Robert Nighthawk. But you don't have to take a crash course in the blues before you can appreciate a Son Seals performance. He kicks into overdrive the minute he hits the stage, running on an explosive mixture of blues, funk, rock and roll,and crackling electricity."  -- Robert Palmer, Pop Music Editor of THE NEW YORK TIMES and author of DEEP BLUES