Beware Of The Dog

Hound Dog Taylor

Beware Of The Dog

King of the Houserockers' magic captured "live" in club performances. Raw energy and high spirits. Grammy nominee. "Natural for partying, drinking and talking loud"--ROLLING STONE

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1. Give Me Back My Wig 4:34
2. The Sun Is Shining 4:33
3. Kitchen Sink Boogie 4:17
4. Dust My Broom 3:16
5. Comin' Around The Mountain 3:57
6. Let's Get Funky 5:08
7. Rock Me 4:04
8. It's Alright 4:04
9. Freddie's Blues 6:31

Freddie's Blues, It's Allright, Give Me Back My Wig, and Let's Get Funky, by Hound Dog Taylor, and Kitchen Sink Boogie by Taylor, Phillips and Harvey are copyright by Eyeball Music, BMI.

Hound Dog Taylor, Guitar and Vocals
Brewer Phillips, Guitar
(Lead guitar on Kitchen Sink Boogie )
Ted Harvey, Drums
(and remarks on Freddie's Blues)

Produced by Bruce Iglauer
Recorded live by:
Ken Rasek Recording (Side A, #3 and Side B, #4) at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, January 18, 1974 for WXRT-FM, Chicago
Richard Whittington, Whisker Recording, at the Smiling Dog Saloon, Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 22-24, 1974 for WMMS-FM, Cleveland
Mixed by Stu Black, Sound Studios, Chicago
Cover photos by Michael Vollan
Cover design by Roger Harvey
Alligator Logo by Michael Trossman
Thanks to Roy Filson, Richard McLeese, and Jan Loveland-Iglauer
Special thanks to Bob Koester of Delmark Records

Ironically, Hound Dog Taylor didn't live to see the release of this, his first "live" album. He died of cancer in Chicago on December 17, 1975, at the age of 59. The music, cover, and title of this album are exactly as Hound Dog and I originally planned them, before we knew of his illness. This isn't one of those somber "memorial" albums. Hound Dog wouldn't have wanted that. He wanted to be remembered with the same kind of irreverance that he put into his music, and into his life. As he used to tell me, "When I die, don't have a funeral--have a party!"

--Bruce Iglauer