Black Cat Bone

Lee Rocker

Black Cat Bone

Lee Rocker returns with his most rock solid album of his career. With his band rocking, rolling, and burning behind him. Rocker's bass, vocals, and songs take everything to wild new heights. "Lee Rocker makes music as vital, as exciting, and as propulsive as a shiny new sports coupe." - Blues Revue

1. Gone 3:56
2. Crazy When She Drinks 3:07
3. One More Night 2:52
4. Black Cat Bone 3:32
5. Lost Highway 2:38
6. Rebel 3:28
7. Sold Us Down The River 4:53
8. What I Don't Know 2:52
9. String Bass, Guitar and A Drum 3:28
10. The Wall of Death 3:23
11. Sometimes You Win 3:16
12. The Highway Is My Home 3:14
13. Free Bass 1:28


Lee Rocker: Upright Bass, Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Buzz Campbell: Guitar
Brophy Dale: Guitar, Slide Guitar & Vocals
Jimmy Sage: Drums

Produced by Lee Rocker.
Recorded by Steve Russell at Foolish Art Studios, La Mesa, CA,
Jimmy Sage at Sage Studios, San Rafael, CA and Syd Greenburg at
Laguna Beach School of Music Studio, Laguna Beach, CA.
Drums recorded at Sage Studios, San Rafael, CA.
Mastered by Steve Russell at Foolish Art Studios, La Mesa, CA.
Photos by Alex Solca.
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec.
Alligator logo designed by Michael Trossman.

Lee Rocker uses King double basses and  Ampeg amplifiers.
Buzz Campbell uses Gretsch guitars, Burriss amplifiers and pedals and Robert Keeley Electronics.
Brophy Dale uses Fleming, King and James Trussart guitars, Levy’s Leathers straps and cases,
T.V. Jones pickups and TonePro bridges.
Jimmy Sage uses L.T.D. Drums, Attack drumheads and Vater drumsticks.

Lee Rocker would like to thank Deborah, Justin and Sadie Drucker for all their love and support.