Blue Streak [CD]

Luther Allison

Blue Streak [CD]

Powerhouse opus from one of the world's most exciting bluesmen. Won 5 W.C. Handy Awards, 10 Living Blues Awards. "High-powered, funky electric blues...bone-chilling vocals and slashing guitar attack"-DOWN BEAT

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1. All The King's Horses 5:36
2. What Have I Done Wrong? 4:48
3. Big City 5:24
4. Move From The 'Hood 3:41
5. What's Going On In My Home? 4:06
6. I Believe In You 4:36
7. Cherry Red Wine 4:21
8. Walking Papers 4:28
9. Think With Your Heart 4:57
10. You Don't Know 2:47
11. Should I Wait? 5:04
12. Midnight Creeper 3:37


All songs Bad Love Music administered by Eyeball Music, BMI except Should I Wait? and Midnight Creeper, Eyeball Music, BMI and What Have I Done Wrong?, Publisher Unknown.

*Luther Allison, Guitar and Vocals
  James Solberg, Guitar
*Ernest Williamson, Keyboards
*Dave Smith, Bass
*Steve Potts, Drums
#Mike Vlahakis, Keyboards
#Ken Faltinson, Bass
#Robb Stupka, Drums

On Midnight Creeper, You Don't Know, What's Going On In My Home? and Think With Your Heart
The Memphis Horns :
Wayne Jackson, Trumpet and Trombone
Andrew Love, Tenor Sax

On Midnight Creeper
Jacqueline Johnson & Jacquelyn Reddick, Background Vocals

On Should I Wait?
Bruce McCabe, Piano

On Walking Papers
Charlie Bingham, Rhythm Guitar

James Solberg appears courtesy of Atomic Theory Records. Bruce McCabe and Charlie Bingham appear courtesy of The Hoopsnakes and Mouthpiece Records.

*Produced by Jim Gaines
Recorded at 315 Beale Studios, Memphis, TN
Recorded by Jim Gaines and Mike Iacopelli
assisted by Jason Latshaw
Mixed at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN by John Hampton assisted by Jeffrey Reid
and at 315 Beale Studios by Jim Gaines and Mike Iacopelli

#Produced by Luther Allison and James Solberg
Recorded at 10 Maple Street Studio, Eau Claire, WI
Recorded by Bob Ozowski
Mixed at 315 Beale Studios, Memphis, TN, by Jim Gaines
Cover photos by Paul Natkin/Photo Reserve
Live performance photo by Steve Cooke
Inside booklet photo by Marc Norberg
Cover design by Matt Minde and D. Dominick Forte
Mastered by Jay O'Rourke at Monster Disc, Chicago, IL
Licensed from Ruf Records, Germany
Executive Producers:
Thomas Ruf and Rocky Brown

Special thanks to: Gary Levinson of Blade Guitars; Gibson Strings (Mark Shenkel, Nashville Office Manager and Tim Bolen, Consultant); Skip McQuinn and everyone at 315 Beale Studios; Miki Mulvehill; Bob Ozowski and Bernard Allison.