Can't Look Back

Coco Montoya

Can't Look Back

Coco continues to strike the perfect blues rock balance of fire and finesse. Roaring rockers, soulful ballads and funky blues, with Coco's blistering fretwork and soul-stinging vocals front and center. A fresh blast of hard-rocking blues.

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1. Wish I Could Be That Strong 4:49
2. Running Away From Love 4:39
3. Something About You 3:50
4. I Won’t Beg 3:32
5. Trip, Stumble And Fall 4:42
6. Can’t See The Streets For My Tears 5:42
7. Same Old Thing 5:12
8. Can’t Look Back 3:48
9. Women Have A Way With A Fool 4:30
10. Back In A Cadillac 3:28
11. No Longer A Part Of Your Dreams 3:20
12. Holding Out For You 3:50
13. Free 4:43

Coco Montoya Vocals and Guitar
Chuck Kirkpatrick Rhythm and Slide Guitar
Benny Yee or Tommy Eyre $, Keyboards
Steve Evans or Bob Glaub $, Bass
Randy Hayes †, Scott Kirkpatrick +, or Tony Braunagle $, Drums
Chuck Kirkpatrick and Scott Kirkpatrick Background Vocals
Joe Sublett Tenor Sax #
Darrel Leonard Trumpet =

Produced by Jim Gaines
Recorded at Rumbo Recorders, Canoga Park, CA
Engineered by Shawn Berman, assisted by Jeremy Blair and John Hoyt
Additional recording at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN
Engineered by Bill Bailey
Pro Tools engineering by Pete Matthews
Mixed at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN by John Hampton, 
 except "Women Have A Way With A Fool," mixed by Jay Newland
Photos by Paul Natkin/Photo Reserve
Design by Kevin Niemiec

"Wish I Could Be That Strong" (Nicholson, Greenberg & Wilson, Sony/ATV Songs LLC dba Tree Publ. Co./Kent Green Music, BMI/Sony/ATV Tunes LLC dba Cross Keys Publ. Co./Four Sons Music/Wally Wilson Music, ASCAP)

Special thanks to: Jasmin Montoya; Angel Montoya; Joann Montoya; Frank Montoya;
Connie & Frank Casella; Gwen Collins; Debbie Davies; Bruce Iglauer and staff of Alligator Records; The Rosebud Agency; Alexis Alexiades; Lenora Varela; Phil & Bill at Moe's; Tom Gold; Shayne O'Brien; David Steen; Keb' Mo'; Jim Cardillo; The Cate Brothers; Tom Menrath at Guitar Center Hollywood Pro Dept.; Noel Lee; Thad Wharton & James Marshall Kwan at Monster Cable; Tina Wood; Garry Roudenko; Alan Cyr & Phil Woodward at The Amp Shop; Tim Godwin & Georger Van Wagner at Line 6 Amplifiers; Bill Lawrence at Bill Lawrence Pickups;  Michael Morris; Eddie 'Pickleneck' Phelps; Deb Hopewell; David Lienhard at Dean Markley Strings; Albert Molinaro; Toru Nittono; Del Breckenfeld & Alex Perez at Fender; Rob Gault and everyone at Eminence Speakers; Mike & Mario Cruz; Connie Kline; Vicky Smith and everyone at Rumbo Recorders; Delynn Anderson; Brian Kelm; Rick & Joe at West LA Rehearsal Studios.
"Women Have A Way With A Fool" dedicated to the memory of Tommy Eyre.

Special dedication to my mother Esther Montoya. 
Although I miss you every day, I feel you with me every day.

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Coco Montoya is managed by John Boncimino/MB Management
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