Chicago Fire

Son Seals

Chicago Fire

Son's most ambitious songwriting and arranging, swinging horns, topical lyrics and sizzling Seals guitar. "Imaginative songwriting, passionate singing, abrasive guitar...a major blues talent"--NEW YORK TIMES

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1. Buzzard Luck 5:08
2. I'm Not Tired 3:39
3. Leaving Home 6:42
4. Landlord At My Door 4:25
5. Gentleman From The Windy City 4:08
6. Goodbye Little Girl 3:53
7. Watching Every Move You Make 3:42
8. Crying Time Again 4:37
9. Nobody Wants A Loser 4:22

Son Seals, Guitar and Vocals
Mark Weaver, Guitar
King Solomon, Keyboards
Snapper Mitchum, Bass
David D. Anderson, Drums

Horns arranged by Bill MacFarland:
Paul Howard or Ken Cooper, Trumpet
Jerry Wilson, Tenor Sax
Henri Ford, Alto and Baritone Sax
Bill MacFarland, Trombone

Produced by Son Seals and Bruce Iglauer
Recorded at Curtom Studios, Chicago, IL
Fred Breitberg, Engineer, assisted by Eddie B. Flick
Mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, Southborough, MA
Album Cover Design by Ross & Harvey/Chicago
Photos by Michael Weinstein/Photo Reserve
Compact Disc release coordinated by David Forte

Special Thanks to Roy Filson, Mindy Giles, Ira Selkowitz, Andrew Gerking and especially Dot.