Cleaning House

Saffire--The Uppity Blues Women

Cleaning House

Heartfelt acoustic blues. Tough piano, guitar, harmonica, mandolin and fiddle frame hard blues and hilarious lyrics. "Rich melodies, soulful vocals, honky-tonk rhythms, and spicy, funny, feminist lyrics"--MS.

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1. Because Of You 2:37
2. Hungry Woman's Blues 4:06
3. Rocket Ship 2:46
4. In My Girlish Days 3:32
5. Don't Do It 4:49
6. (I'll Be Your) Sweet Black Angel 4:40
7. I'd Rather Be Alone 4:46
8. Love Me To Death 4:45
9. I Lost My Baby To Another Man 4:28
10. If Love Hurts 2:52
11. Nobody But You 3:51
12. I Want My Money Back 3:31
13. Blues Is In The House 5:05
14. Bad Debt 2:59
15. Things Are Seldom What They Seem To Be 3:57
16. Tomorrow Ain't Promised 3:18
17. The Equalizer 4:19

Ann Rabson, Vocals, Piano and Guitar
Gaye Adegbalola, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica and Percussion
Andra Faye McIntosh, Vocals, Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar and Bass

Produced by Saffire -- The Uppity Blues Women and Bruce Iglauer, with invaluable assistance from Sam Fishkin
Recorded and mixed by Sam Fishkin at StreetervilleStudios, Chicago, IL
Assistant engineer: Brian Jensen
Mastered by Jay O'Rourke, Bruce Iglauer and Sam Fishkin at Monster Disc, Chicago, IL
Photos by Marc Norberg
Cover design by Matt Minde

Booking:  Mongrel Music
Phone:  415-512-7877;
Fax:  415-512-1439

Management:  Bonnie Tallman
BC Productions
Phone:  717-584-4480;
Fax:  717-584-4608

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Ann Rabson plays guitar on Hungry Woman's Blues
Andra Faye McIntosh plays guitar on If Love Hurts (You're Not Doing It Right) and Love Me To Death
Gaye Adegbalola plays percussion "egg" on Because Of You
Steve Freund plays lead electric guitar on I Lost My Baby To Another Man
Gaye Adegbalola has significantly rewritten and rearranged I'll Be Your Sweet Black Angel from the original Black Angel Blues by Lucille Bogan
The twangy noise during the piano solo on Love Me To Death is not a faulty recording. It's the sound of two-fisted Ann Rabson pounding so hard that she broke the string of a Steinway. Go, girl!

Saffire -- The Uppity Blues Women would like to thank: Bruce Iglauer and the "Gator-Aides"; Felicia Mazur; Beth Perkins; Sam Fishkin; Suzy Stone; Pilot Management; Mongrel Music; East Coast Entertainment; Marc Norberg; Advance Travel and One World Design.

We also want to thank those uppity people who support the blues in radio/TV/print, the club owners, concert promoters, sound techs, our friends and fans. If you love the blues, we encourage you to join your local blues society and, if you don't have one, we encourage you to start one!

Ann Rabson thanks: my family, my friends and all those players who have given me the blues.

Gaye Adegbalola thanks: David Harp for harmonica lessons over the phone from Vermont. (One of these days, I'm really gon' play that sucker.) Thanks to Phil Givant for first calling me Sweet Black Angel. Thanks to my son, Juno Lumumba, for some great metaphors in I Lost My Baby To Another Man and Hungry Woman's Blues. (You got a cut of the royalties.) Thanks to Suzanne for "big ears" and lots of love and patience. (How else could I cope with the pain?) Thanks to Mom for grounding me and giving me wings. To my extended families - musical and otherwise -- may we continue to find PEACE through music. Thank you, Lord! 360 degrees!

Andra Faye McIntosh thanks: my wonderful family and all my friends, both old and new, who support and inspire me constantly; to the many musicians who have paved my road and shared their gift of music; special thanks to Yank Rachell and Howard Armstrong.

Bruce Iglauer thanks: Sam Fishkin for being so much more than an engineer; Andre Hobus for turning me on to Marshall Chapman; the entire staff of Alligator Records who never get the credit they deserve; and again to Arleen Dowd for opening my ears to Saffire.