Crucial Rockin' Blues

Various Artists/Anthologies

Crucial Rockin' Blues

Highlights some of our rockin-est tracks from Coco Montoya, Johnny Winter, Lonie Mack w/Stevie Ray Vaughan, Shemekia Copeland, Roy Buchanan, Tinsley Ellis, The Holmes Brothers, Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, The Paladins, Guitar Shorty, Lee Rocker, and Dave Hole.

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1. Last Dirty Deal 3:54
2. Route 90 4:12
3. Golden Rule 3:21
4. Hound Dog Man 4:05
5. Phone Line 3:43
6. I’m Gonna Leave You 5:45
7. The Next Miss Wrong 5:27
8. Run Myself Out Of Town 3:25
9. It’s 2 A.M. 4:28
10. Rockin’ Harder 3:07
11. 25 Miles 3:49
12. Follow Your Heart 3:34

Sampler production by Bruce Iglauer and bob depugh

Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec

Coco Montoya photo by Robert Barclay

tracks from crucial Rockin’ blues appear on these albums

1. Coco Montoya

Dirty Deal

ALCD 4913

Mentored by Albert Collins and John Mayall, Coco Montoya has been burning up stages as a bandleader for a decade. His explosive guitar and huge voice have earned him a fanatical following and three Alligator albums.

2. Johnny Winter

Serious Business

ALCD 4742

A legend of rocking blues, Johnny cut three albums for Alligator with some of Chicago’s finest players. His lightning-fast Texas guitar and hoarse vocals are among the best-loved sounds in blues. This album was a Grammy nominee.  

3. Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials


ALCD 4909

Ultra-raw, raucous and wildly uninhibited, Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials have sliced and diced bandstands around the world. Truly gritty Chicago blues, loads of fun, and 100% road-tested.

4. Lonnie Mack

Strike Like Lightning

ALCD 4739

Lonnie pioneered modern blues/rock guitar in the ‘60s with tunes like Memphis and Wham! His #1 disciple, Stevie Ray Vaughan, produced Lonnie’s Alligator debut album, with master and student playing side by side.

5. Dave Hole

Ticket To Chicago

ALCD 4847

After cutting five albums Down Under, the amazing Australian slide monster traveled to Chicago to jam with the cream of the city’s young bluesmen. Inspired by a great band, Dave delivered his deepest blues playing and finest vocals. Available in Europe on Provogue Records and in Australia on Black Cat.

6. Guitar Shorty

Watch Your Back

ALCD 4895

A fabled blues road warrior since the 1950s, Guitar Shorty debuted on Alligator in 2006. He pared his sound down to its vital, hard-edged essence--his blistering fretwork, powerhouse singing and infectious energy.  

7. Tinsley Ellis


ALCD 4904

A hard-rocking Atlanta-based fret-burner, Tinsley has built his terrific reputation the old-fashioned way—by playing hundreds of nights from coast to coast, igniting bandstands with his tough original songs.   

8. The Holmes Brothers

Simple Truths

ALCD 4893

Blending passionate, gospel-inspired vocals with raw, energized playing, The Holmes Brothers have toured worldwide and recorded eight albums. They have found a magical way to meld blues, R&B, gospel and country together into one ragged, glorious sound.

9. Shemekia Copeland


ALCD 4875

Shemekia’s awesome, powerhouse voice and charismatic stage presence have made her the #1 female blues artist of her generation. She cut the first of her four Alligator albums at the age of 17, and tours worldwide. This album was a Grammy nominee.

10. Lee Rocker

Racin’ The Devil

ALCD 4907

Beginning his career as the Stray Cats bassist, Lee has created a hard-driving take on heartland American roots music. He mixes feisty roots rock ‘n’ roll with infectious country twang, tough blues and blistering rockabilly. Available in Europe as The Curse Of Rockabilly on Hypertension Records.

11. Roy Buchanan

Hot Wires

ALCD 4756

The late fretmaster cut his last three albums for Alligator, cementing his status as one of the most amazing, pyrotechnic blues/rock guitarists ever. This track found him pulling out all the stops behind soul veteran vocalist Johnny Sayles on a Motown classic.

12. The Paladins

Let’s Buzz!

ALCD 4782

Honed by years of one-nighters, Southern California’s Paladins cut two albums for Alligator full of roots rock, swinging blues  and wild rockabilly. Their music is soaked in sweat and full of energy.