Dirty Deal

Coco Montoya

Dirty Deal

Rawest, most explosive release of Coco's career finds him ripping it up on a hard-hitting mix of jagged blues, groove-heavy workouts, catchy blues rockers and soul-drenched ballads. Produced by Little Feat's Paul Barrere.

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1. Last Dirty Deal 3:54
2. Three Sides To Every Story 3:59
3. Love Gotcha 3:21
4. How Do You Sleep At Night? 5:15
5. It Takes Time 4:50
6. It’s My Own Tears 5:59
7. Coin Operated Love 4:33
8. Clean Slate 3:56
9. Put The Shoe On The Other Foot 4:38
10. It’s All Your Fault 6:40
11. Ain’t No Brakeman 3:41

Coco Montoya:
Lead guitar and vocals

Paul Barrere: rhythm guitar or slide guitar on Last Dirty Deal, Three Sides To Every Story, Coin Operated Love, Clean Slate, Ain’t No Brakeman, Put The Shoe On The Other Foot and Love Gotcha. Background vocals on Love Gotcha and Coin Operated Love. Percussion on Three Sides To Every Story
Tony Stead: Keyboards
Steve Evans: Bass
Randy Hayes: Drums

On Ain’t No Brakeman, Put The Shoe On The Other Foot, Love Gotcha and Three Sides To Every Story:
Kenny Gradney: Bass 
Richie Hayward: Drums 

Bill Payne: Keyboards on Three Sides To Every Story
Fred Tacket: Rhythm guitar on How Do You Sleep At Night?
Ed Kanon: Percussion on Coin Operated Love
Roger Cole: Percussion on Three Sides To Every Story, background vocals on Ain’t No Brakeman

Produced by: Paul Barrere and Roger Cole
Recorded by Roger Cole at Unlisted Number Recording, Los Angeles, CA
Additional recording by Larry Goetz at The Lair Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Sam Fishkin at The Mix Kitchen, Chicago, IL
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec
Coco Montoya photos by Frank Vigil. www.frankvigil.com
Alligator logo by Michael Trossman
Mastered by Trevor Sadler and Bruce Iglauer at Mastermind Productions, Milwaukee, WI
Executive Producer: Bruce Iglauer


Special thanks to: John Boncimino; Mike Kappus; Tom Gold and staff at The Rosebud Agency; Paul & Pam Barrere (it’s done!); Bruce Iglauer and staff of Alligator Records; Lee Roy Parnell and Robert Cray for the words of wisdom and inspiration; Tommy Castro (where is my fifty bucks MF!?); Dave Steen; The Cate Brothers; Debbie Davies; Walter Trout and Art Tipaldi.

Jasmin & Kattie—a day don’t go by that I don’t think of you. I wish you happiness, I send you love.

My Lenora—I love you and thank you for helping me see my way through life. You’re the best! Gwen Collins, Frank and Connie Casella, Frank and Toni Montoya, George, Phil Varela, Bob and Angela Boucher, Javier and Jeannie Jimenez, Jeff and Delynn Anderson, Debbie Scott—thank you for ALL your support.

Joe, Sarah and Joey Bunetto; Mickey Jones; Michael John and The Bottom Line; Shayne O’Brien; Deb and Tom Armstrong; Bill and Phil and all at Moe’s Alley; Michael and Trudy Widner for helping us find daylight; “Cuz” Virginia; Lisa and “Lil” Gabe (we miss you, Big Jim). To all the Little Feat fans that were down in Jamaica, thanks for accepting me. As for Little Feat—what a band/what a crew! Now, to all the fans that have kept their faith in me and my band, I am truly, truly grateful.

My Band: Steve Evans, Randy Hayes and the keyboard players that have graced the stage with us: Tony Stead; Eamonn Flynn; Dale Ockerman; Richard Stelma and Dover Weinberg.

Thanks to: Toru Nittono; Steve Carr Amps; David Wilson at the ToneQuest Report; Dr. Z Amps; Fuchs Amps; Paul Marr; Tim & Fred Brown (Love my Hoochee-mama Pedal!); GIGmate; Chris Rose at Eminence Speaker Corp.; Mike Lipe Guitars; David Leinhard at Dean Markley Strings; all at Monster Cable; Greg Nilsen and Jerry Ruppel at Vista Ford; Jim Byrnes & Dana Manjarrez at Indian Hills Truck and Auto, Inc. for keepin’ the bus and us on the road; all at the Amp Shop; Tim Godwin & George Van Wagner at Line 6 Amplifiers; Eddie “Pickleneck” Phelps; Bill Lawrence at Bill Lawrence Pickups; Susan at Studio Slips amp covers; Triad Products (amp stand ); Ritter Gig Bags and Ron Lucas.