Disturbing The Peace

Little Charlie & The Nightcats

Disturbing The Peace

Eleven Rick Estrin originals spark an explosive album of jumpin' blues. "Hot, jumping and made for dancing"--HOUSTON POST

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1. That's My Girl 2:17
2. Nervous 3:15
3. My Money's Green 3:37
4. If This Is Love 5:31
5. I Ain't Lyin' 3:51
6. She's Talking 2:23
7. My Last Meal 3:06
8. The Booty Song 3:09
9. Don't Boss Me 2:06
10. V-8 Ford 5:16
11. I Feel So Sorry 2:48
12. Run Me Down 3:09

All songs are Estrin, Locked In Music, BMI, except as noted.

RICK ESTRIN, Harmonica and Vocals


St. James Bryant plays organ on If This Is Love

Produced by Bruce Iglauer
Engineered and mixed by Justin Niebank
Recorded at Studio D, Sausalito, CA and Streeterville Studios, Chicago, IL
Mixed at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, IL
Additional engineering by Rick Sanchez
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Frankford/Wayne, New York, NY


Art direction by Peter Amft
Cover photo by Kent Lacin
Photo session and location production by Mary Dangerfield
Actors: Jim Myers and Lillian Wilder


Special thanks to Skip's Music, Zenbu Guitars, John Glodow and Michelle Miller, Donnie Woodruff, Stu Ganson and Joe Louis Walker. Equipment sponsors include Gibson Guitars, Remo Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Hohner Harmonicas, Shure Microphones, and Ampeg Amplifiers.


Very Special thanks to Nora Kinnally and the staff of Alligator Records.


Little Charlie and the Nightcats are sponsored by the Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.














"The music is hot, jumping, and made for dancing." --Bob Claypool, HOUSTON POST

"You're dangerous with that guitar, man. They're gonna put you in jail!" --JOHN LEE HOOKER to Little Charlie

"Rick Estrin is a beautifully outrageous harmonica player."--Hank Reineke, EAST COAST ROCKER

"Little Charlie and the Nightcats play rollicking bar blues --'jump blues.' Basing themselves in Sacramento since 1976, guitarist Little Charlie Baty and vocalist/harmonica wizard Rick Estrin created a unique personal sound. It's a sound that evolved over ten years of playing in small clubs for people who wanted to drink and dance away their working day troubles. The Nightcats deliver a big beat, instrumental virtuosity and outrageous humor. These guys don't escape from reality; they laugh at it." --Lawrence Brauer, BAM MAGAZINE (San Francisco)

"...unalloyed world class. The Nightcats deliver the most vibrant, irresistible 'jumping blues' you could wish to dance your life away to." --Phil Sutcliffe, Q MAGAZINE (London)

"Baty's playing meshes Charlie Christian, Carl Perkins, and T-BoneWalker...he scampers over the fretboard at a speed that would make Chuck Yeager squirm." --Jim Maloney, L.A. MUSIC CONNECTION

"It really came together when we got the right rhythm section.We'd been playing some of these songs for years, but they didn't sound right until we got Jay Peterson on bass and Dobie Strange on drums." --Little Charlie in THE SACRAMENTO UNION

"Peterson paid his dues with the Otis Rush Band in Chicago in the early 70's, and later with the Dynatones and harpist Charlie Musselwhite. Strange toured extensively with soul and rock acts, including the Platters, before he turned to blues and the Nightcats."--Richard Bammer, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"Until recently, the group was one of the hottest club attractions in the Bay Area and turned in some killer performances at major blues festivals on the West Coast. But one good thing led to another and the band was signed to Alligator Records. The resulting LP, All TheWay Crazy, is one of the best R&B debut works of '87. Now the group is in demand everywhere." --Bob Claypool, HOUSTON POST

"Slithering out of California, this quartet is so low down that the band members have to pull their socks down to see...Baty is a walking encyclopedia of blues, jazz, and rock 'n' roll guitar. Estrin has the look and rap of either a pimp or a used Cadillac salesman. And his harp playing has the wail of a tomcat under a full moon."--Sid Silvertone, WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL

"Little Charlie is an absolute terror on the fretboard."--PHOENIX NEW TIMES

"Baty hops about like a crazy man, dripping sweat and rising up and down on his toes during the solos as if the guitar were trying to pull him off the ground." --Michael Heminger, INDIANA DAILY STUDENT