Siegel-Schwall Band

Flash Forward

Flash Forward
The first release of new Siegel-Schwall studio material in over 30 years. FLASH FORWARD rekindles the Siegel-Schwall band magic as Corky, Jim, Rollo Radford and Chicago blues legend Sam Lay share the spotlight on 13 new songs. An infectious, joyful record and the welcome return of a beloved blues band that continues to inspire music fans everywhere.
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CORKY SIEGEL Harmonica, Piano & Vocals
JIM SCHWALL Guitar, Mandolin, 12-String Guitar, Accordi...

CORKY SIEGEL Harmonica, Piano & Vocals
JIM SCHWALL Guitar, Mandolin, 12-String Guitar, Accordion & Vocals
ROLLO RADFORD Electric Bass, Upright Bass & Vocals
SAM LAY Drums & Vocals; Guitar & Vocals on "Stormy Weather Love"
with special guest MARCY LEVY Background Vocals

Produced by Corky & Holly Siegel
Co-produced & mixed by Ken Goerres
Recorded at Gator Tracks, Chicago, IL
Additional recording at Saturn Productions, Chicago, IL & Clark Street Café, Stevens Point, WI
Engineered by Corky Siegel
additional recording by Ken Goerres
Additional ears for final mixes by Bruce Iglauer
Special ambience at the end of "Stormy Weather Love" recorded by Holly Siegel
Mastered by Mitch Zelezny at Mitch's Mix n' Master, Glendale, CA
Photos by Paul Natkin/Photo Reserve
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec
Alligator logo by Michael Trossman

Recorded with Shure Microphones.
Corky Siegel uses Hohner Harmonicas and Shure Microphones exclusively.
Microphone cables, AC cables and studio monitors by Exakte.
Recorded and mixed on the Roland 2480.
Technical Support by Howard Gale, the  Zen Tech.

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Personal Management: Holly Siegel

Web site management/development: Michael Kopp

Special thanks: Willie Dixon; Muddy Waters; Howlin' Wolf; Otis Spann; Jimmy Reed; Chuck Berry; Little Walter; Sam Lay; Hubert Sumlin; Lightnin' Hopkins; Elvis; Jim Bessman; Valencia, Lamara, and Mr. African Stew; Michael, Bobby, Scottie, Debbie and Liz Lay; Flx and Marie Alex; and Pearl.

Thanks to; Roland support; Dave Gordon for the use of his Steinway
Grand Piano; Brett LaCroix and SongVault; Eli Kelly; Paul Natkin; Marcella Detroit & the Samtones; Pete and Annette Krammer; Tiffin; all the staff of Alligator Records; Ryan Smith and Shure Bros.; Joe Filisko; everyone else; and to the One who knows.

1. Afraid of Love 4:42
(Siegel, Dawnserly Music, BMI) Lead Vocal: Sam
B/G Vocals: Marcy Levy, Jim & Rollo

2. Deja Vous 4:24
(Siegel, Dawnserly Music, BMI) Lead Vocal: Corky
B/G Vocals Marcy Levy & Rollo

3. Going Back to Alabama 3:40
(Lay, Dawnserly Music, BMI) Lead Vocal: Sam
B/G Vocals: Jim & Rollo

4. The Underqualified Blues 5:29
(Schwall, Conundrum Inter-Arts, BMI) Vocal: Jim

5. Krazy 4:40
(Radford, Dawnserly Music, BMI) Vocal: Rollo

6. Can't Stop 4:38
(Siegel, Dawnserly Music, BMI) Lead Vocal: Corky
B/G Vocals: Marcy Levy & Rollo

7. On The Road 3:38
(Schwall, Conundrum Inter-Arts, BMI) Vocal: Jim

8. Twisted 3:49
(Siegel, Dawnserly Music, BMI) Vocal: Corky

9. Rumors of Long Tall Sally 3:05
(Lay, Dawnserly Music, BMI) Lead Vocal: Sam
B/G Voices in order of appearance:
Jim, Corky & Rollo

10. Hey Leviticus 2:42
(Schwall, Conundrum Inter-Arts, BMI) Vocal: Jim

11. Sweet Liz 3:34
(Lay, Dawnserly Music, BMI) Lead Vocal: Sam
B/G Vocals: Marcy Levy, Rollo & Holly

12. Pauline 6:02
(Radford, Dawnserly Music, BMI) Vocal: Rollo

13. Stormy Weather Love 3:55
(Lay, Dawnserly Music, BMI) Vocal & Guitar: Sam

Liner Notes

Jim Schwall used to remind me that if music can't be fun we shouldn't be doing it. That's why we started playing and that's why we are still here doing it after 40 years. We don't need any other reason.

Rollo Radford himself is a pure expression of fun. He can't help it. When God made Rollo he must have been in an ecstatic mood. There was no mold to break - Rollo was improvised out of a burst of inspiration. Those who have seen Rollo in action know what I am talking about. He walks on stage and captivates!

Sam Lay's whole world is about sheer joy and laughter. On the road Sam will keep us entertained for hours and hours. The laughter began in 1969 and it hasn't stopped - and it will never stop.

Jim was writing operas and playing bluegrass when I met him in '65. The first time Jim and I played together the music fit. There is a natural dynamic flow between us. Speech was never necessary. There is no question we are brothers.

If it's about music, don't expect the expected with Rollo. He toured a lot with Sun Ra and I'm not sure who was wilder, Mr. Mystery or Rollo. He gets carried away, you know. I don't know where he goes but we always feel the tug and we love it. If you haven't had the good fortune of meeting Rollo you will find him clearly expressed in "Krazy" and "Pauline" on this CD.

OK. Sam Lay. I learned by playing with Sam that time and groove are also limitations. Sam takes the music way beyond these limitations. I have never played with any drummer that makes me soar like Sam. I am not the only musician that has reported that - and Jim and I played with many of the great blues drummers.  People who can see through the accepted standards know how truly great Sam is, i.e. Bob Dylan, Steve Smith...If you listen closely to what Sam is doing you will get it. Sam doesn't "play" the drums, he "sings" the drums.

Four unique personalities. Four close friends. We will always be an essential part of each others' lives. And it is from that place that we play music together.
-Corky Siegel

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"Better than any of the albums recorded in their heyday. Leave it to these innovators to come up with a fresh, exciting new Chicago blues sound. Few groups can match the sheer joy of their msuic "

    Track Name Duration  
Play Song 1 Afraid of Love
Author/Publisher:  Siegel, Dawnserly Music, BMI
Play Song 2 Deja Vous
Author/Publisher:  Siegel, Dawnserly Music, BMI
Play Song 3 Going Back to Alabama
Author/Publisher:  Lay, Dawnserly Music, BMI
Play Song 4 The Underqualified Blues
Author/Publisher:  Schwall, Conundrum Inter-Arts, BMI
Play Song 5 Krazy
Author/Publisher:  Radford, Dawnserly Music, BMI
Play Song 6 Can't Stop
Author/Publisher:  Siegel, Dawnserly Music, BMI
Play Song 7 On The Road
Author/Publisher:  Schwall, Conundrum Inter-Arts, BMI
Play Song 8 Twisted
Author/Publisher:  Siegel, Dawnserly Music, BMI
Play Song 9 Rumors of Long Tall Sally
Author/Publisher:  Lay, Dawnserly Music, BMI
Play Song 10 Hey Leviticus
Author/Publisher:  Schwall, Conundrum Inter-Arts, BMI
Play Song 11 Sweet Liz
Author/Publisher:  Lay, Dawnserly Music, BMI
Play Song 12 Pauline
Author/Publisher:  Radford, Dawnserly Music, BMI
Play Song 13 Stormy Weather Love
Author/Publisher:  Lay, Dawnserly Music, BMI
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