Albert Collins


Flamboyant, funky Texas guitar, powerful, swinging horn section, featuring A.C. Reed on tenor. "Mercurial, highly individual guitar playing...unpredictable imagination...stunning"--NEW YORK TIMES

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1. If You Love Me Like You Say 4:07
2. Blue Monday Hangover 5:35
3. I Got A Problem 4:34
4. The Highway Is Like A Woman 5:04
5. Brick 4:35
6. Don't Go Reaching Across My Plate 3:44
7. Give Me My Blues 4:13
8. Snowed In 9:12

Albert Collins, Guitar and Vocals
Marvin Jackson, Guitar
A.C. Reed, Sax
Allen Batts, Keyboards
Johnny "B. Goode" Gayden, Bass
Casey Jones, Drums
Paul Howard, Trumpet
Jerry Wilson, Tenor Sax
Bill MacFarland, Trombone
Henri Ford, Baritone Sax
Horns arranged by Bill MacFarland, A.C. Reed and Casey Jones

Produced by Bruce Iglauer, Dick Shurman and Casey Jones
Special production assistance by Gwendolyn Collins
Recorded at Curtom Studios, Chicago
Fred Breitberg, Engineer, assisted by Eddie B. Flick
Album design by Ross & Harvey/Chicago
Photos by Jim Matusik
Special thanks to Roy Filson, Chip Covington, Eddie Shaw, Mindy Giles, Ira Selkowitz and Andy Gerking.