Frozen Alive!

Albert Collins

Frozen Alive!

Recorded live. Shows why Albert was one of the world's top touring bluesmen--stinging guitar, dry, humor-filled singing, powerhouse band. Grammy nominee. "The most powerful blues guitar player in the world"--MUSICIAN

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1. Frosty 4:45
2. Angel Of Mercy 8:10
3. I Got That Feeling 5:18
4. Caldonia 3:30
5. Things I Used To Do 4:40
6. Got A Mind To Travel 4:03
7. Cold Cuts 5:55

Marvin Jackson, Guitar
A.C. Reed, Tenor Sax
Allen Batts, Organ
Johnny B. Gayden, Bass
Casey Jones, Drums

Recorded live at The Union Bar, Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 5-8, 1981
Produced by Bruce Iglauer and Dick Shurman
Engineered by Fred Breitberg, using the Stark/Mudge Mobile Studio
Assistance by Paul Stark, Tom Mudge and Steve Fjelstad
Remixed by Fred Breitberg at Streeterville Studios, Chicago
Assistance by Eddie B. Flick, Todd Von Ohlen and Ron Gresham

Cover design by Ross & Harvey/Chicago
Cover photos by Hammond Scott
Liner photos by Jim Matusik
Thank to Dan Mus and the staff of The Union Bar
Special thank to Steve Raitt