Get Your Back Into It! [CD]

Nick Moss Band featuring Dennis Gruenling

Get Your Back Into It! [CD]

Modern day Chicago blues warriors present 14 original songs inspired by the electrifying blues sounds of 1940s through 1960s, and performed with taste, sly humor and pure joy. From locomotive shuffles to deep, slow blues, Moss shines with a Willie Dixon-like ability to write and sing the blues’ honest truth.  “An incendiary brew...fiery fretwork and wailing harmonica...soulful, playful and exuberant.” —Living Blues


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1. Bait In The Snare 3:00
2. Aurelie 2:58
3. Get Your Back Into It 4:05
4. Man On The Move 3:22
5. Living In Heartache 4:58
6. It Shocks Me Out 4:09
7. Out Of The Woods 3:19
8. Choose Wisely 4:04
9. Your Bark Is Worse Than Your Bite 3:40
10. Losing Ground 3:17
11. Bones' Cantina 3:51
12. Lonely Fool 3:45
13. The Solution 3:40
14. Scratch And Sniff 3:31


All songs written and arranged by Nick Moss, Eyeball Music, BMI except
“Man On The Move” and “Your Bark Is Worse Than Your Bite,” written and arranged by Dennis Gruenling, Small Scale Music, ASCAP.

Nick Moss: Guitar, Vocals (except as noted), Foot on “Your Bark Is Worse Than Your Bite”
Dennis Gruenling: Harmonica, Vocals on “Man On The Move” and “Your Bark Is Worse Than Your Bite
Taylor Streiff: Piano and Keyboards (except as noted)
Rodrigo Mantovani: Upright and Electric Bass, Percussion
Pierce Downer: Drums


Sax” Gordon Beadle: Saxophones
“Brother” John Kattke: Organ on “Out Of The Woods”
The Nick Moss Band Featuring Dennis Gruenling: Background Vocals
Produced by Nick Moss and Rodrigo Mantovani
Recorded by Pete Galanis at Rancho de Rhythm, Elgin, IL
Mixed by Nick Moss, Rodrigo Mantovani and Pete Galanis at 3011 Studios, Chicago IL
Mastered by Collin Jordan, Bruce Iglauer and Nick Moss at The Boiler Room, Chicago IL
Photos by Jason Wood, Marilyn Stringer, Janet Mami Takayama and INTERFOTO
Packaging Design by Kevin Niemiec

“Out Of The Woods” is for us all, and the friends, family and time we lost.
“The Solution” is for Jimmy Johnson.
“Bones’ Cantina” is for Anthony Ramirez and all who fight the good fight!

Nick would like to thank the fans and friends around the world who continue to make it happen for all of us! Thanks to my wife Kate and daughter Sadie, I hope I make you both proud! Thanks to my parents  Dennis and Sheila, and to Bruce Iglauer of Alligator Records and the whole staff for all they do! Patrick Seals—thanks for your years of service in helping me live my dream. Love you lots and I’m proud of you, buddy!! Thanks to Dan Butler amp repair service. Finally, thanks to those who fight to live, and to those who fought to live and to all who love the fighters and show support or showed support, but now cherish their memories.

Dennis Gruenling would like to thank Hohner Harmonicas, Chad Nordstrom, Joe Filisko, Richard Sleigh, Rod Piazza and Rick Estrin.

Nick Moss exclusively uses gear that works. Nick uses Grez Guitars, Lollar Pickups and Reunion Blues Cases.
Dennis Gruenling plays Hohner Harmonicas and BadAss Harmonica Vintage Microphones exclusively.