Have Blues Will Travel

Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King

Have Blues Will Travel

A soul-charged blast of fresh, original Texas blues highlighting the chemistry between Smokin' Joe's blistering fretwork and Bnois' savvy singing and jazz-inflected guitar playing. A party-starting blend of muscular blues-rock, butt-shaking shuffles and slow-burning blues. "Raucous, high-energy Texas roadhouse blues-rock. Blistering guitar solos, irresistible shuffles and subtle ballads"--LIVING BLUES

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1. Have Blues, Will Travel 4:06
2. Got You Out Of My Blood 3:55
3. Out Of Body, Out Of Mind 4:29
4. RU4 Real? 6:07
5. Payday In America 4:18
6. Shadows In The Dark 4:23
7. My Space Or Yours? 3:18
8. Sleeping With One Eye Open 4:19
9. My Guitar 4:22
10. One Step At A Time 3:41
11. Wishful Thinking 4:06
12. What A Sight To SEe 4:13

Smokin’ Joe Kubek: lead guitar, slide guitar and rhythm guitar (left and center channels)
Bnois King: vocals, lead guitar and rhythm guitar (right channel)
John Morris: bass
Adrian Marchi: drums

Produced by Joe Kubek and Bruce Iglauer
Recorded and mixed by Sterling Winfield at Nomad Recording Studios, Carrollton, TX
Mastered by Dan Stout and Bruce Iglauer at Colossal Mastering, Chicago, IL
Photos by James Bland
Packaging Design by Kevin Niemiec
Alligator logo by Michael Trossman

Joe Kubek endorses Category 5 Amplification, GHS Strings, Rocktron Stomp Boxes, Van Zandt Guitar Pickups and Ruby Tubes. Bnois King endorses
Rocktron Amplifiers.

Booking: Piedmont Talent, Inc. P. O. Box 680006, Charlotte, NC 28216. (704) 399-2210, info@piedmonttalent.com

Very special thanks to our Creator and also to the love of my life Phyllis Kubek, Bryan Cathey, Robert and Carolyn Perkins, Bobby Perkins, Keith Perkins, Kerrie Grigg, Coy and Margaret Hoffman, Nora Kubek, David and Sissy Kubek, Bruce Iglauer and Alligator Records, Don Ritter, Gary Long (for more cowbell on Out Of Body, Out Of Mind), Nomad Recording Studios, Jared Mackey, Bruce and Denise McDaniel, Ted and Sandi Allen, Bill and Shelby Costa, Dr. Rob Chianelli, Lauri Welteroth, Dr. Steve Passik, Susan MacFarland, Dave Cowles at GHS Strings, Henry at Red Plate, San Francisco Drum Company, Kim Davis with Peavey Electronics, Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise, Mike Nesmith, Victoria Kennedy, Jimmy and Sally Thackery, Andrei Istomin and Mitch Gwin at Selfnet, Steve Hecht, Tina Terry, Megan King, Michelle Kaplan, Jimmy Daniels, Charles Knippa, Terri Gurevich, Scotty Gurevich, Steve Barlow, Don O, Eugene Robertson, Loretta Thomas, Joanna Iz, Bob Corritore, Pat Mack, Mike Mack, Roger and Cheryl Crisler at Crisler Guitar Repair in Carrollton, Texas, A.F.M, Mark Anderson, Lezlea Ross, Jim and Melissa, Chip And The Gentlemen, Guitar Center of Dallas, Sandy MacWelch and little Joey, Jim Flynn, Big Dave Lindahl, Dallas Sr., Doreen, Dallas Jr., Lauren & Brittany Wottlin, Joshua Varsak, Linda Rigsby, Gustavo Astudillo, Jordan Guidry, Monique Dudley, Calvin Cooper, Jeff and Katie Ferrand, Dr. Charles McPherson, Kelly Stetson, Joan McCullough, Jan Mayo, Carole Fisher, Ginger Lykens, Cassandra Cotton, Rebecca Amparado, Louise Wachowiak, Dave and Sue Gutierrez, Sonji Thames, Rick and Tracy Yost, Amanda, Rikka and Tia Logan, Robert Tarr and Norma and Abel Carreno and Channel 67.

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