Heads Up!

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials

Heads Up!

Raucous, no-holds-barred slide boogie from the undisputed masters of the style. Lil' Ed's wicked slide playing and gritty, passionate singing lead the way as the Blues Imperials lay out one smokin' groove after another.

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1. Woman In The Castle 2:57
2. Never Miss Your Water 4:19
3. Natural Man 3:10
4. The Creeper 6:22
5. My Mind Is Gone 2:46
6. Four Leaf Clover 3:59
7. Lil' Ed's Home Cookin' 4:05
8. Black Night 6:15
9. Empty House Tour 2:37
10. Computer Girl 4:19
11. Ed Heads' Boogie 2:12
12. I Still Love You 7:55
13. I Love My Baby 3:45

All songs by Ed Williams, Eyeball Music, BMI, except as shown

Lil' Ed Williams: Guitar and Vocals
Mike Garrett: Guitar and Background Vocals
(solos on Empty House Tour and Four Leaf Clover)
James "Pookie" Young: Bass and Background Vocals
Kelly Littleton: Drums
with Paul Buschbacher : Rhythm Guitar on Empty House Tour, Four Leaf Clover and My Mind Is Gone (left channel)

Produced by Ed Williams and Bruce Iglauer
Recorded and mixed by Rick Barnes at Rax Trax, Chicago, IL
Recording assistance by Jay Zdyrski
Mastered by Dan Stout and Bruce Iglauer at Colossal Mastering, Chicago, IL
Photos by Paul Natkin/Photo Reserve
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec

Ed thanks: My Lord And Savior, Jesus Christ; Pam Williams; Bruce and the whole
  Alligator Gang; Washburn Guitars; and Ben Bottino.  Special thanks to Deanna Price.
Mike thanks: Denny and Jan; Sue and T; Mona Lisa; Juliana W; Deidre Scott; Mimi  
  Armstrong; Joe Charles; Hix Bros. Music; Don Johnson of Fender Musical 
  Instruments; and Gil Piney of Gibson Guitars.
Pookie thanks: My father, James Young, Sr.; my wife Renee for putting up with
  me for 17 years; Charon; Jamice; Allen; Willie; and Sabrina.
Kelly thanks: Sarah Bortt; Bonnie Zack and Sanford; Urban Djin; and Smokedaddy.

Lil' Ed And The Blues Imperials are booked by Intrepid Artists
Phone: (704) 358-4777  E-mail:


They've been called "the world's #1 houserockin' band," and there's a good reason. For the last sixteen years, Lil' Ed And The Blues Imperials have been pounding out some of the rawest, roughest, toughest boogie and blues that can be heard anywhere. On bandstands across the U.S.A. and around the world, they carry on in the great Chicago tradition of Hound Dog Taylor, Elmore James, and Ed and Pookie's mentor and uncle, the late J.B. Hutto. Their wild shows have won them a legion of loyal fans, who proudly call themselves Ed Heads.

There's an almost telepathic communication between these musicians. Ed and his brother Pookie have been playing together since they were kids. Mike and Kelly first played with Ed fourteen years ago. Paul, who sat in on three tunes on this album, is stepping in as the newest Blues Imperial, and the band is now touring with a three-guitar front line. 

 Like all of Ed's recordings, this album was cut live in the studio, with only a tiny bit of overdubbing. It was recorded in just three short days, and there were so many terrific performances that we had to leave a few on the shelf for next time. The songs poured out fast and furious, and the energy never flagged, just like the band's houserockin' live shows. So, heads up! If you're not yet an official Ed Head, this album will certainly make you one.

--Bruce Iglauer