Hook, Line & Sinker

Roomful of Blues

Hook, Line & Sinker

A dozen hand-picked songs from Little Richard, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Amoz Milburn, Floyd Dixon and more, all given the swinging, stinging Roomful treatment. Exuberant soul-shout vocals, razor-sharp guitar work, impeccable ensemble horn playing and a skin-tight rhythm section all come together on a boisterous, satisfying new RoB album. "Marvelous wall-to-wall grooves, wicked guitar work and brassy horns...things never stop swinging" -- USA TODAY

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1. That's A Pretty Good Love 2:54
2. She Walks Right In 3:32
3. Hook, Line And Sinker 2:50
4. Kill Me 3:54
5. Gate Walks To Board 4:00
6. Juice, Juice, Juice 2:41
7. Ain't Nothin' Happenin' 3:08
8. Win With Me, Baby 3:49
9. It 3:59
10. Come On Home 2:35
11. Time Brings About A Change 5:31
12. Just A Little Love 2:24

Phil Pemberton: Vocals
Chris Vachon: Guitar
Rich Lataille: Tenor and Alto Sax
Mark Earley: Tenor and Baritone Sax
Doug Woolverton: Trumpet
Travis Colby: Piano and Hammond B3
John Turner: Upright Bass
Ephraim Lowell: Drums

Produced and Mixed by Chris Vachon for Easy-Vee Productions.
Engineered by John Duva at Sonalysts Studios, Waterford, CT.
Mastered by Collin Jordan and Bruce Iglauer at The Boiler Room, Chicago, IL.
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec.
Pinup illustration © Time Tunnel, Inc.
Photos by Alyce O’Connell and Clyde Gulledge.
Alligator logo by Michael Trossman.

Roomful Of Blues would like to thank all our worldwide fans and friends. It’s because of you all that we Keep On Rockin’.

Thanks also to: Kathy, Lydia and William Earley, Dave Saginario, Rita Vachon, Tony Pinero, The Resonators, Steve Farkas, Matti Nevilan, Brad Stewart and the staff at Intrepid Artists, Michelle Colby, Toni Aldieri, Larry and Marilee Cyrby, Chris Miner, Keith Lowell, Dylan Patnoe, Mickey Maguire, Gary Lowell, Rhonda LeBeau, Diana Annese, Melissa Woolverton, Dr. Grant Manhart, Emily, Jilli and Bobby Pemberton, Robert Pemberton, Anne Gottlieb, Elaine and Rick Voss, Deb Pemberton, Taylor and Samantha Wilson, Jill and Clive Graham, the Ross Family, the Weston Family, Ron and Shelley Levy, Lee Lundy, Brad Faucher, Jim Carty, Doug Bell, Moe and Joe Marino, Sandy Ducharme, Bob Drinkwater, Mike Tanaka, Richard “Rosy” Rosenblatt, Steve Hecht and the staff at Piedmont Talent and of course Bruce Iglauer and all the slammin’ staff at Alligator Records.

A very special thanks to our tireless road manager and sound tech Mike LeBeau. Mike, you’re the best!

This recording is dedicated to the memory of our brother Bob “Bubba” Enos.

Roomful Of Blues endorses Finnish Guitar Works, DR Strings, Silver Fox Percussion and Grover Pro Percussion