Hot Wires

Roy Buchanan

Hot Wires

Roy's last album featuring four new instrumentals plus outstanding vocals by soul master Johnny Sayles, blues belter Kanika Kress and Roy himself. "Guitar lovers rejoice! His best album ever"--CHICAGO TRIBUNE

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1. High Wire 2:41
2. That Did It 5:05
3. Goose Grease 3:00
4. Sunset Over Broadway 4:12
5. Ain't No Business 3:16
6. Flash Chordin' 4:05
7. 25 Miles 3:50
8. These Arms Of Mine 5:16
9. Country Boogie 4:30
10. The Blues Lover 8:10

Roy Buchanan, Guitar and Vocals
Donald Kinsey, Guitar
Stan Szelest, Keyboards
Larry Exum, Bass
Morris Jennings, Drums

Johnny Sayles, Vocals on 25 Miles and That Did It
Kanika Kress, Vocal on These Arms Of Mine

Produced by Roy Buchanan, Bruce Iglauer, Dick Shurman and Justin Niebank
Donald Kinsey, Associate Producer
Recorded and mixed by Justin Niebank, assisted by Brian Poer and David Axelbaum Additional mixing by Tim Hale
Recorded and mixed at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, IL
Mastered by Tom Coyne, Frankford/Wayne, New York, NY
Digitally remastered by Jay O'Rourke and Bruce Iglauer at Monster Disc, Chicago, IL
Cover photos by Don Marshall
Cover design by Peter Amft
CD repackaging by David Forte

Special thanks to Hilton Weinberg, Jay Whitehouse, Bill Wokersin, Nora Kinnally, Lolita Ratchford, Eric Charles, Bill Haas, Kerry Peace, Blake Gumprecht, Chris Young, Kenny Morton and Gino Battaglia. Very special thanks to Judy Buchanan.

This is Roy Buchanan's third album since he burst back on the national scene with the Grammy nominated When A Guitar Plays The Blues. As with his first two Alligator releases, Roy used this opportunity to bring together some of the finest rock 'n' blues musicians in the country to form one great studio band.


Donald Kinsey worked with Albert King and Bob Marley before putting together The Kinsey Report with his brothers in Gary, Indiana. Stan Szelest played with Ronnie Hawkins and Lonnie Mack before forming his own band in Buffalo. Larry Exum is one of Chicago's top blues bassmen, touring with the Jimmy Johnson Band. Morris Jennings has drummed on everything from Howlin' Wolf records to Coke commercials. All four powered Roy's second Alligator album, Dancing On The Edge.


Joining Roy and the band are two of the Windy City's most soulful vocalists. Johnny Sayles has been belting out raw R&B for over twenty years. Kanika Kress is a new face on the Chicago blues scene, leading her own band, The Blues Express.


Guitar Magazine calls Roy "a revered guitarist who builds whirlwind solos with the ease and sweaty grace of a master." And Roy calls this album "my best one yet."