Jump Start

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials

Jump Start

The gold standard for raw-boned, slide-fueled Chicago blues bands delivers a fresh blast of Lil' Ed's incendiary guitar playing and rough, passionate singing, with ragged-but-right Blues Imperials cooking right alongside. Released in 2012. "Joyous and vibrant...raucous slide, scorching and soulful boogie blues." --Living Blues

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1. If You Were Mine 2:43
2. Musical Mechanical Electrical Man 3:25
3. Kick Me To The Curb 3:03
4. You Burnt Me 3:45
5. House of Cards 3:55
6. Born Loser 2:44
7. Jump Right In 3:05
8. Life Is A Journey 5:35
9. World of Love 3:59
10. Weatherman 3:46
11. If You Change Your Mind 4:30
12. No Fast Food 2:41
13. My Chains Are Gone 4:29
14. Moratorium On Hate 4:00

All songs published by Eyeball Music, BMI except "If You Change Your Mind," published by Foggy Day Music/Slideslinger Publishing, BMI.

Lil' Ed Williams: Guitar and Vocals
Michael Garrett: Guitar (solos on "Jump Right In" and "Weatherman") and Background Vocals
James "Pookie" Young: Bass and Background Vocals
Kelly Littleton: Drums
with Marty Sammon: Organ or Piano*

Produced by Ed Williams and Bruce Iglauer
Recorded and mixed by Blaise Barton at Joyride Studios, Chicago, IL
Mastered by Collin Jordan and Bruce Iglauer at The Boiler Room, Chicago, IL
Photos by Paul Natkin/Photo Reserve
Packaging designed by Kevin Niemiec
Alligator logo designed by Michael Trossman

Ed thanks
:  My Lord and Savior for keeping me able to play music. My band for sticking with me so long and having so much fun. Thanks also to Heritage Guitars and Gibson Guitars, Egnater Amplifiers and Mesa Amplifiers. I'd like to thank Junior Clark for that great Gibson ES-137. I thank my wife Pamela Williams for her love and great songwriting. I thank Bruce lglauer for all the time and love he has put in to making this  happen, and for being there for me when times are hard. Thank you, Bruce. And I thank all the Alligator staff; they are all great in my book. And I thank all my fans as well; I love them all.

Mike thanks: Lisa the beauty; Mikey Jr., Julianna, Denny and Jan; Sister Sue; Joe Charles, Jr.; Eric Cocco and LaBella Strings; Hix Bros. Music, Aurora, IL; Mesa Engineering and Shane at British Audio, Nashville, TN.

Pookie thanks: My wife, Karen Young; grandmother Robbie Patton; both my mothers-in-law, Charlene Hill and Ruthie Everett; my father-in-law, Andrew Hill, and Aunt Daisy.

Kelly thanks: Monalise; Beckett; Bonnie; Zach; Larry; Sandford; Beatrix; Dana; Casey, and Henry Jones.

Special thanks to The Hideout, Chicago, IL and Keith Gerken.