Living In The Danger Zone

Son Seals

Living In The Danger Zone

Tough, knife-edged guitar, gritty vocals. Five new Seals originals and all star rhythm section. "A master of gritty, blue-collar blues. Son is better than ever"--GUITAR WORLD

No Longer Available on CD
Also Available Digitally:
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1. Frigidaire Woman 5:07
2. I Can't Lose The Blues 4:28
3. Woman In Black 3:10
4. Tell It To Another Fool 4:17
5. Ain't That Some Shame 3:38
6. Arkansas Woman 4:29
7. The Danger Zone 5:04
8. Last Four Nickels 4:17
9. My Time Now 6:05
10. Bad Axe 3:12
11. My Life 8:07

Son Seals, Guitar and Vocals
with *
Red Groetzinger, Tenor Sax and Flute
Kevin Tremblay, Rhythm Guitar
Bay Williams, Bass
Kerman Frazier, Drums

or **
Sid Wingfield, Organ and Piano
Johnny B. Gayden, Bass
Ray "Killer" Allison, Drums

or ***
Sid Wingfield, Organ
Johnny B. Gayden, Bass
Sugar Blue, Harmonica

Produced by Son Seals and Bruce Iglauer
Recorded at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, IL
Engineered and mixed by David Axelbaum
Assisted by David Brickson and Ken Blume
Front cover photo by Kirk West
Back cover photo by Roger Johnson/Starburst Studios
Cover design by Matt Minde
Mastered by Tom Coyne at DMS, New York, NY

Special Thanks To: Bill Wokersin, Kerry Peace, Chris Young, Nora Kinnally, Bob DePugh, David Forte, Robbin Sebastiani, Ken Morton, Bill Haas, Derek Ault, Jay Septoski, Eric Veldt, Luisa Rosales, Anthony Roger and Rick Septoski