Luther Allison - Reckless [180 gram Double Vinyl LP]

Luther Allison

Luther Allison - Reckless [180 gram Double Vinyl LP]

180 gram double vinyl LP. Fireball electric blues from sensational West Side bluesman who devastated audiences worldwide. "Supercharged, scalding guitar...gritty soul-tinged vocals...unequaled kinetic attack"-CHICAGO TRIBUNE 

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Produced by Jim Gaines
Recording Engineer: Jeff Powell
Assistant Engineer: Jason Latshaw
Mixing: Jim Gaines and Rusty McFarland assisted by Jason Latshaw
Recorded and Mixed at 315 Beale Studios, Memphis, TN except Playin' A Losin' Game recorded at Woodstock Studio, Paris, France
Mastering: Mike Iacopelli at Cry Rock, Memphis, TN
Additional Mastering: Jason Rau and Bruce Iglauer at Monster Disc, Chicago, IL
Photographs: Philippe Pierangeli
Design: Karen Norberg
Additional Design: Matt Minde

Gibson Custom Shop; Dean Markley Strings; Sandy Carroll; Jason Latshaw; Everyone at 315 Beale Studio; Bruce Iglauer; Thomas Ruf; Miki Mulvehill; The Rosebud Agency; The Blues Foundation; Blues Societies; Blues fans all over the world!


LP 1
1. I'm Back
2. Drowin' at the Bottom
3. There Comes a Time
4. Cancel My Check
5. Just As I Feel
6. You Can Run But You Can't Hide
7. Playin' a Losing Game
8. Will It Ever Change

LP 2
1. Living in the House of the Blues
2. You Can You Can
3. It's a Blues Thing
4. Pain in the Streets
5. Low Down and Dirty
6. You're Gonna Make Me Cry