My Blues & My Guitar

Bob Margolin

My Blues & My Guitar

Deeply rooted blues; stomping Chicago sounds (guest Snooky Pryor) to sweet acoustic side. "Primitive tone and rough and tumble guitar style...great stuff--GUITAR PLAYER

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1. Moving South 3:56
2. Maybe The Hippies Were Right 2:55
3. The Same Thing 5:21
4. Rip It Up 2:37
5. Blues Lover 4:53
6. Drip Drop 3:15
7. Falling Star 3:40
8. The Door Was Open 3:59
9. Just A Bad Dream 4:13
10. See Me In The Evening 4:36
11. Going Home 4:25
12. I Can Get Behind That 2:28
13. The Last Time 6:03
14. Peace Of Mind 4:34
15. My Old Friend 2:36

All songs by Margolin, Eyeball Music, except as shown

Bob Margolin, Guitars and Vocals
Steve "Slash" Hunt, Bass
Chuck Cotton, Drums, Background and Harmony Vocals

Snooky Pryor, Harmonica; Vocal on Peace Of Mind
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, Tenor Sax and Horn Arrangements
David Maxwell, Piano
Jim Brock, Percussion
Chris Buckholz, Trombone
Jon M. Thornton, Trumpet
Les Izmore, Baritone Sax

Produced by Bob Margolin and Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff with much help from Mark Williams.
Recorded at Reflection Sound Studio, Charlotte, N.C.
Engineered by Mark Williams, assisted by Tracy Schroeder, Robert Preston and David Harris
Mixed by Mark Williams, Bob Margolin and Bruce Iglauer
Mastered by Jay O'Rourke at Monster Disc, Chicago, IL
Bruce Iglauer, Executive Producer
Cover and Inlay Photos by Marc Norberg
Back Cover Photo by Peter Amft
Cover Design by David Forte and Mathias Minde

This album is dedicated to my family for their love and support, to my new nephew Uwem Essiet, to Pamela, and to the memory of Muddy Waters, Fats Jackson and Sunnyland Slim for their inspiration and friendship.

Special thanks to Mark Baier from Victoria Amplifiers, Naperville, IL, for the sweet and funky sounds from his amplifier that he lent to us.

Mark Williams endorses The Lava Lite by Lava Simplex Internationale.

From band leader to soloist, from songwriter to accompanist, Bob does it all -- blues, R&B, rockabilly, and rock -- and does it better than most. Bob's stint as sideman to Muddy Waters from 1973 to1980 would be a gold calling card for most bluesmen, but for Bob it has been a springboard to a complete and fulfilling musical career.

A knowledgeable blues fan jokingly commented that the 1994 Chicago Blues Festival should have been called the Bob Margolin Chicago Blues Festival. The humorist was pointedly noting that Steady Rollin' seemed to be on almost every stage, at virtually the same time, throughout the entire festival -- and then out at the clubs each evening. A casual check of the schedule would show the truth to the observation that Steady Rollin' Bob was in great demand as a sideman to some of blues' greatest living bluesmen: Jimmy Rogers, Snooky Pryor, Jerry Portnoy, Pinetop Perkins, Carey Bell, Dave Myers, John Brim, Billy Boy Arnold and Earl King, to name but a few. In the world of the blues, I don't think that there is a higher compliment that can be paid to a musician than to be held in such high regard as to be continually asked to "sit in" with your musical peers.

Whether as a traditional blues band leader or as sideman to blues' living legends, live or on recording, Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin continues to dish up the hottest and most innovative blues, and blues-based music. Contemporary, yes -- but always rooted, with great love and respect, in the tradition of Muddy Waters, his mentor.  Bob Margolin is "one of a kind" just as Muddy was "one of a kind." Bob thinks that he is better for having played with and known Muddy, but I for one know that, musically, we the listeners are the ones that reap the real rewards -- the ability to see and listen to the second generation of living blues, Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin.

-- Bob Vorel, Publisher -- Blues Revue

P.S. You can also catch Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin's written musings in his regular column in Blues Revue.