Michael Hill's Blues Mob

New York State Of Blues

New York State Of Blues
Digs deep into Michael's roots; down-home blues to urban funk to heartwrenching soul ballads. "The future of the blues...essential listening"--LIVING BLUES

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Lyrics on all Blues Mob originals by Michael Hill

Michael Hill, Vocals and Guitars
E.J. "The Professor" Sharpe, Keyboards
Pete Cummings, Bass
Tony Lewis, Drums
Kevin Hill, Bass on...
Lyrics on all Blues Mob originals by Michael Hill

Michael Hill, Vocals and Guitars
E.J. "The Professor" Sharpe, Keyboards
Pete Cummings, Bass
Tony Lewis, Drums
Kevin Hill, Bass on Long Hot Night

Produced by Michael Hill, Bruce Iglauer and Brian Young
Recorded and mixed by Brian Young
Recorded at Water Music, Hoboken, NJ and Studio 900, New York, NY
Additional recording at Water Music by Wayne Dorell
Additional recording at Studio 900 by Joe Johnson and Julio Pena
Mixed at Quad Recording, New York, NY
Additional mixing at Quad Recording by Bill Importico, Jr.
Photos by Paul La Raia
Design by Matthias Minde
Mastered by Jason Rau and Bruce Iglauer at Monster Disc, Chicago, IL

Michael Hill is booked by Piedmont Talent: Tel (704) 399-2210; Fax (704) 399-2261
e-mail: piedmontt@aol.com

Michael thanks: Sweet KT and Seth, the Hill family, Brian and Dierdre, Bruce and the crack Alligator staff, Tom Gold, Sean Beresford and Mesa Boogie, Jimmy Archey and Gibson U.S.A., Bob Archigian and LaBella Strings, Tyme Rogers and Tech 21, Larry Brooks (and Kelly) and Seymour Duncan Pickups, Big Ed and Clay at Rogue Music, AllenWatsky for guitar TLC, Mr. Hubert Sumlin for the positive vibration and Tony, E.J.and Pete for the music, spirit, snaps and loyalty.

Special thanks to Richard Hilty, Vox Coach Extraordinaire, for invaluable vocal science.

Tony thanks: The Lewis family, the Ector family, Will Calhoun, "Sticks" Crockett, Bill McClellan, Wolf Huhn, Diane Bourabah, Donna Dawson, Priscilla Owens, Tim West of Evans, Steve Okshenuk of Sabian and John Dawkes of Vater.

E.J. thanks: Niomi, the Plotkin family and Frank Sheehan and Ronnie Gucwa of Hammond Suzuki U.S.A. for all their help.

Pete thanks: Vikki, Nia, Keiko and Pamyla, the Cummings family, the Walker and Palmer families, Tyme Rogers and-Tech 21 and Charlie, Alice and Linda at Mandolin Brothers.

Brian thanks: Lou, Mark, Carla and everyone at Quad; Robbie Norris, Rob Grenoble and Joe Johnson.

Special thanks also to Kevin Hill for singular insight during tracking -- your fellow production Musketeers (Stooges?) missed you.

We welcome Seth Michael McKinley Hill and Pamyla Jamyla Cummings to our lives and dedicate this album to them with love.

Rest In Peace: Rufus McKinley Hill, my real life hero, August 30, 1925–May 8, 1998.


Liner Notes

New York is a high energy, culturally rich melange of people, passions and ideas from all over the globe. Blend in contemporary African American perspective seasoned with the Southern roots and flavor of having parents who migrated from North Carolina and Georgia, and you have a blueprint for the Blues Mob and our Fun City Blues. Folks around the U.S. and abroad often ask whether there is a blues scene in NewYork. I'm proud to tell them about the many excellent musicians and dedicated supporters in both New York City and New York State who are helping the blues survive and thrive. A great and inspirational bluesman from Chicago once looked me in the eye and told me with serious conviction, "Keep on doing what you're doing; let 'em know where we're coming from." One of the places we're coming from is New York, so for your listening and dancing pleasure, complete with New York accent, we present our New York State Of Blues .

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"If this is the future of the blues, we have a lot of powerful music to look forward to...essential listening "

    Track Name Duration  
Play Song 1 Long Hot Night
Author/Publisher:  Hill & Reid, Eunice And Rufusongs, BMI/Dare To Dream Music And Visions, ASCAP
Play Song 2 A Case Of The Blues
Author/Publisher:  Hill, Eunice And Rufusongs, BMI
Play Song 3 Soul Doin' Time
Author/Publisher:  Hill, Eunice And Rufusongs, BMI
Play Song 4 Young Folks' Blues
Author/Publisher:  Hill, Eunice And Rufusongs, BMI
Play Song 5 Mama Sang The Blues
Artist(s):  Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
Author/Publisher:  Strong & Whitfield, Stone Diamond Music c/o EMI Music/Hill, Eunice And Rufusongs, BMI
Play Song 6 Anytime, Anywhere
Author/Publisher:  Hill & Hollinsed, Eunice And Rufusongs/Desnilloh Music, BMI
Play Song 7 New York State Of Blues
Author/Publisher:  Hill & Cummings, Eunice And Rufusongs/Cribbles Music, BMI
Play Song 8 Living For The City
Author/Publisher:  Wonder, Black Bull Music/Jobete Music, ASCAP
Play Song 9 This Is My Job
Author/Publisher:  Hill, Eunice And Rufusongs, BMI
Play Song 10 Up And Down The Stairs
Author/Publisher:  Hill, Eunice And Rufusongs, BMI
Play Song 11 Never Give Up On You
Author/Publisher:  M. Hill, K. Hill & Lewis, Eunice And Rufusongs/Yummysongs, BMI
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