Nikki Hill - Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists Vinyl LP

Nikki Hill

Nikki Hill - Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists Vinyl LP

Creating a path outside of the norm and molding her own image has been a lifelong brand for singer, songwriter, and bandleader Nikki Hill, raised by a single mother and two older sisters in Durham, North Carolina. Having her first singing experiences in the church choir as a child and into her teens, curiosity eventually led Nikki to trade the pews for barstools, and her interests in music exploded in every direction, realizing it was a world with no boundaries. She felt oddly comfortable, finding a direct connection between the energy she saw at local shows, and the praise dancing, gospel shouting church services she experienced every week growing up.

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  • Nikki Hill – Vocals
  • Matt Hill – Guitars
  • Ed Strohsahl – Electric Bass
  • Joe Meyer – Drums and Percussion

Recorded and mixed by Billy Horton at «Fort Horton Studios», Wyldwood, Texas
Mastered by Jim Wilson Mastering in Longmont, Colorado
Special thanks to Matt Farrell for piano on Tracks 1,5,9,10 and 11
Photography by Aubrey Edwards
Package designed by Kerri Mahoney


1. Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists – 3:18
2. Oh My – 2:28
3. Struttin' – 4:09
4. And I Wonder – 3:16
5. (Let Me Tell 'Bout) LUV – 3:42
6. I'm Gonna Love You – 2:22
7. Hotshot – 4:08
8. Mama Wouldn't Like It – 2:44
9. Nothin' With You – 3:37
10. Scratch Back – 2:12
11. Twistin' The Night Away – 4:24