Second Sight

Lonnie Mack

Second Sight

Fiery guitarist and soulful singer. A truly groundbreaking roots-rock guitarist. "The strongest album he's made in 20 years.The original (and still the best) blues-rocker"--GUITAR PLAYER

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1. Me And My Car 3:05
2. Rock And Roll Bones 3:49
3. Tough On Me, Tough On You 4:10
4. Camp Washington Chili 2:24
5. Cincinnati Jail 5:07
6. Rock People 3:52
7. Buffalo Woman 4:13
8. Ain't Nobody 4:22
9. Back On The Road Again 2:47
10. A Song I Haven't Sung 3:42

LONNIE MACK, Guitar and Vocals
DUMPY RICE and Stan Szelest, Keyboards

Justin Niebank, Additional keyboards
The Memphis Horns:
Wayne Jackson, Trumpet and Trombone
Andrew Love, Saxophones

The Pops And Timer, Voices
Bobby King
Willie Greene, Jr.
Terry Evans

Produced by Lonnie Mack
Justin Niebank, Associate Producer
Recorded at Sound City, Van Nuys, CA & Streeterville Studios, Chicago, IL
Recorded and mixed by Justin Niebank, assisted by Dawson Miller
Additional recording by John Hanlon
Bruce Iglauer, Executive Producer
Mindy Giles, Associate Executive Producer
Cover Photo by Gwendolyn Cates
Cover Concept by Mindy Giles
Cover Design by Chris Garland/Xeno
Back cover photo by Randy Jennings
Mastered in Dolby SR by Tom Coyne at Frankford/Wayne, New York, NY

Special thanks to Carol McIntosh, Bucky Lindsey, Donna Miller, Lisa Shively, Pam Hall, Hilton Weinberg, Jay Whitehouse, Bill Wokersin, Lolita Ratchford, Nora Kinnally, Bill Haas, Eric Charles and Ben Sandmel

Very special thanks to Jerry Legge

This record is dedicated to my dad