Shine Bright

Marcia Ball

Shine Bright

A career-defining album produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos.  Marcia is simply on fire throughout, with an exuberant array of piano-fueled roadhouse romps seasoned by incomparably soulful ballads.  Tracks include nine new Marcia originals, plus brilliant takes on the music of Ray Charles, Ernie K-Doe and Jesse Winchester.  Producer/saxophonist Berlin guests on five tracks.  "Rollicking, playful, good-time blues and intimate, reflective balladry...her songs ring with emotional depth" Rolling Stone

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1. Shine Bright 3:41
2. I Got To Find Somebody 3:15
3. They Don’t Make 'Em Like That 4:19
4. Life Of The Party 3:36
5. What Would I Do Without You 2:48
6. When The Mardi Gras Is Over 3:15
7. Once In A Lifetime Thing 3:03
8. Pots And Pans 4:33
9. World Full Of Love 4:08
10. I’m Glad I Did What I Did 3:22
11. Too Much For Me 2:39
12. Take A Little Louisiana 3:42

Produced by Steve Berlin and mixed by Jim Vollentine

Songs recorded at Dockside Studio in Maurice, LA
Justin Tocket: Engineer

"Take A Little Louisiana" · "When The Mardi Gras Is Over" · "Once In A Lifetime Thing" · "I Got To Find Somebody"

Marcia Ball: Piano
Lee Allen Zeno: Bass
Jermaine Prejean: Drums, Percussion
Roddie Romero: Guitar, Accordion, Background Vocal on "Take A Little Louisiana"
Eric Adcock: Hammond B-3 Organ
Yvette Landry: Background Vocal on "Take A Little Louisiana"
Steve Berlin: Baritone Sax
Eric Bernhardt: Tenor Sax

Songs recorded at Texas Treefort, Austin, Texas.
Jim Vollentine: Engineer · Aaron Glemboski: Assistant

"Shine Bright" · "Pots And Pans" · "Life Of The Party" · "I'm Glad I Did What I Did"

Marcia Ball:
Bruce Hughes: Bass
Conrad Choucroun: Drums
Mike Schermer: Guitar
Red Young: Hammond B-3 organ 

"Too Much For Me" · "What Would I Do" · "They Don't Make 'Em Like That"
Marcia Ball: Piano
Don Bennett: Bass
Corey Keller: Drums
Mike Schermer: Guitar
Eric Bernhardt: Tenor Sax
Red Young: Hammond B-3 Organ
Steve Berlin: Baritone Sax on "Too Much For Me"
Enrique Chi: Tres on "Life Of The Party"

"World Full Of Love"

Marcia Ball:
Red Young: Hammond B-3 Organ
Mike Schermer: Acoustic Guitar

Background vocals and horns recorded at Big Orange Studio, Austin, Texas.
Stuart Sykes: Engineer · Chris Boasso: Assistant

Hot Horns on "I’m Glad I Did What I Did," "When The Mardi Gras Is Over," and "What Would I Do" and "Pots And Pans"

Dan Bechdolt:
Baritone Sax
Eric Bernhardt: Tenor Sax
Justin Vasquez: Alto Sax
Steve Butts: Trumpet
Al Gomez Jr.: Trumpet

Horn Arrangements by Red Young

Al Gomez Jr.: Trumpet on "Life Of The Party"

Shelley King, Carolyn Wonderland
and Eric Bernhardt: Background Vocals on "Life Of The Party," "Shine Bright," "When The Mardi Gras Is Over" and "Once In A Lifetime Thing"

Shelley King and Carolyn Wonderland: Background Vocals on "Pots And Pans" and "I'm Glad I Did What I Did"

Don Bennett, Mike Schermer
and Eric Bernhardt: Background Vocals on "I Got To Find Somebody" and "They Don't Make 'Em Like That"

Kimmie Rhodes and Jolie Goodnight: Background Vocals on "World Full Of Love"

Pots and Pans: Betsy Moon, Becky Beaver, Margot Thomas, Margie Pousson, Kimmie Rhodes, Jolie Goodnight, Shelley King, Carolyn Wonderland and Catherine Mears

Photography by Mary Bruton
Design by Mark Nathan
Mastering by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering 

For booking:

Fifty years have passed in a flash, from Gum in Baton Rouge in 1968 to Shine Bright in Austin in 2018.  Through Firedogs, Misery Brothers, thirty-eight years of Marcia Ball Bands, millions of miles, a hundred musicians (not so many, considering), several thousand gigs and fourteen albums, I still love the feel of the wheels rolling, the tuning and the warming up, and the energy in a room full of people ready to go wherever it is we take them.  Through it all, I have had the amazing support of family and band and friends:  Gordon, Luke, Jeb, Brandy, Tracy, Linc and Huddie, Olin and Liam, Don Bennett (Bass Player For Life), my tech wizard Johnny Medina, co-writers Kimmie Rhodes, Gary Nicholson, Shelley King and Tim Cook, Mike Schermer, and all the musicians on all the records, especially this one.

Bruce Iglauer and the Alligator Records crew who make so many good things happen.  Jack Randall and The Kurland Agency who keep us working.  Page Hite for our website.  Deb Fleming without whom I'd never get anywhere.

Steve Berlin who took on this project and talked me through it. He made it work.  Steve and I want to thank Jack and Susie Rock for opening their home and hearts and that fabulous studio to us.  Jim Vollentine for great ears and serious patience.

A special thank you to Eric Adcock who put together the session at Dockside Studio.  Eric did everything to make that an exceptional experience, including playing killer B-3.  Steve and Cezanne Nails have created a little paradise on the bayou.  Roddie Romero and Yvette Landry made my dream of singing together come true.  Justin Tocket makes magic look easy.

HAAM, HOME, Dominos For World Peace, all of my incredible women friends, especially Margie who has been with me all the way, who sustain me, play dominos, bang on pots and pans, raise money for good causes, write songs and books, march when it's important, laugh when it's funny and cry when it's sad, and most of all love one another and try to make the world a better place.

Dedicated to Allen Toussaint, Fats Domino and Buckwheat Zydeco.