Shoulder To Shoulder

Cephas & Wiggins

Shoulder To Shoulder

Internationally acknowledged masters of Piedmont style craft intricate acoustic blues that's equal parts rural relaxation and urban passion. Pianist Ann Rabson (Saffire-The Uppity Blues Women) guests on seven tracks, adding tasteful fills and boogie-woogie drive to John Cephas' hypnotic ragtime picking and the peerless harmonica of Phil Wiggins. Songs include new originals, plus classics by Blind Boy Fuller, Sleepy John Estes and Skip James.

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1. Ain’t Seen My Baby 3:23
2. I Did Do Right 3:35
3. Catfish Blues 5:52
4. Susie Q 3:12
5. All I've Got Is Them Blues 2:48
6. Dirt Road 4:25
7. Broke And Hungry 5:02
8. Three Ball Blues 3:37
9. Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? 2:27
10. I Won't Be Down 5:21
11. Seattle Rainy Day Blues 4:13
12. The Blues Three Ways 7:20

John Cephas, Guitar & Vocals
Phil Wiggins, Harmonica
with Ann Rabson, Piano (*)
Daryl Davis, Piano (#)
Andrew Volpe, Bass(+)

Produced by Joe Wilson
Recorded by Bill McElroy at Slipped Disc, Ashland, VA
Mixed by Bill McElroy, John Cephas and Joe Wilson at Slipped Disc, Ashland, VA
Mastered by Bill McElroy. Additional mastering by Dan Stout and Bruce Iglauer at Colossal Mastering, Chicago, IL
“The Blues Three Ways” recorded live March 7, 2006 at The Democratic Club, Washington, D.C. at a concert honoring Dave Obey. Recorded and mixed by Charlie Pilzer
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec
Photos by Tom Radcliffe/Point of View Studios, Takoma Park, MD
Alligator logo by Michael Trossman

John is playing a John Cephas Model Taylor custom guitar on all cuts except “Three Ball Blues,” where he is playing a 000-45 size guitar built by Wayne Henderson. Phil is playing Hohner Marine Band harmonicas.
Thanks to Bruce Iglauer, Lynn Volpe, Kathy James and Jake D. James