Son Seals Live Spontaneous Combustion

Son Seals

Son Seals Live Spontaneous Combustion

A fire-breathing live set from one of the greatest and most celebrated Chicago bluesmen. "Searing and expressive...he strikes with no-holds-barred ferocity"--DOWN BEAT

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1. Crying For My Baby 4:33
2. Don't Pick Me For Your Fool 5:00
3. Mother Blues 6:28
4. No, No Baby 4:12
5. Your Love Is Like A Cancer 6:04
6. I Need My Baby Back 4:10
7. Sitting Here Thinking 6:23
8. Every Goodbye Ain't Gone 4:19
9. The Sun Is Shining 6:08
10. Landlord At My Door 5:27
11. Trouble, Trouble 4:47
12. Don't Lie To Me 4:58

All songs by Son Seals, Eyeball Music, BMI, except as noted

Son Seals, Guitar and Vocals
Red Groetzinger, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax and Flute
Dan Rabinovitz, Trumpet
Sidney James Wingfield, Keyboards
Justin Smith, Rhythm Guitar
Johnny B. Gayden, Bass
David Russell, Drums

Recorded June 20-22, 1996 at Buddy Guy's Legends, Chicago, IL
Produced by Son Seals and Bruce Iglauer
Recorded by Timothy Powell, Metro Mobile Recording, Glenview, IL
Assistance by Dan Glomski
Mixed by David Axelbaum at Chicago Recording Company, Chicago, IL
Assistance by Jeff Lane, Dave Kresl, and Dennis Tousana
Additional mixing by Jeff Lane
Premastering by Dan Stout at Chicago Recording Company, Chicago, IL
Mastered by Bruce Iglauer and Jay O' Rourke at Monster Disc, Chicago, IL
Packaging by David Forte and Matt Minde
Live sound at Buddy Guy's Legends by Dave Katzman
Piano module courtesy of Pegasus Recording, Glenview, IL
Photos by Dan Silverman
Band photos by Noel Grigalunus, Dan Silverman and Randy Anglin

Special thanks to Eric Maxen and the entire staff of Buddy Guy's Legends and to Laura Wells.