Roomful of Blues

That's Right!

That's Right!
Their Alligator debut! Roomful of Blues returns to their blues roots with a vengeance, fashioning dance-happy modern blues fired by world-class musicianship and a strong sense of traditional swing. Blistering guitar and smokin' horns throughout!

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Produced by Chris Vachon for Easy-Vee Productions
Recorded and mixed by Ian Schreier at Osceola Studios, Raleigh, NC
Mastered by David Correia at Celebration Sounds, Warren, RI.
Additional m...
Produced by Chris Vachon for Easy-Vee Productions
Recorded and mixed by Ian Schreier at Osceola Studios, Raleigh, NC
Mastered by David Correia at Celebration Sounds, Warren, RI.
Additional mastering by A.J. Bautista and Bruce Iglauer at Colossal Mastering, Chicago, IL
Cover graphics and package design by Lenny Terenzi
Cover and Traycard Photography by Chris Allen.
Interior Photography by Dan Stahl

High-fives to Dennis McGill, Lenny Terenzi, Jeff Thomas and Dick Hodgin for their
assistance in the making of That's Right!

Chris Vachon uses Flying Finn Guitars, DR Strings, Rivera Amps and Monster Cables.
Mark Stevens uses Kurzweil Keyboards. Mark DuFresne uses Hohner Harmonicas.
Jason Corbiere uses DW Drums and Hardware, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads
and sticks donated by Brooke Ostrander of Spectrum Sound.

We humbly express our gratitude to our tour manager/live-sound engineer, Mike LeBeau,
and our merchandise manager, Jim Ferreria, whose hard work and dedication make this
whole adventure possible.

Roomful of Blues also gratefully acknowledges the invaluable contributions of Bob Bell, who for almost 23 years managed the band, lugged the gear, drove the bus, sold the merchandise and did everything else that needed to be done. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and salute you for your creativity, enthusiasm and fearless dedication to Roomful of Blues. We all wish you the very best of luck, Bob!!

Special Thanks To: Bob Drinkwater; Roger Naber; Piedmont Talent; The Washington Blues Society; all of our friends at Rounder Records; Wina McGill; Matti Nevalanian; Tony Pinero; Beth Winstead; Hollywood; Linda Does; Katherine, Antonino and Lydia Earley; Jill, Louis, Jude, Joe and Elizabeth Enos; David, Julie, Jill, Emma and Jack Cullen; Rhonda Le Beau; Linda Ferreria; and Laura DuFresne.

The band would like to thank their families for their love, support, and innumerable sacrifices.

And last, but not least, a big thank you to all the blues fans the world over who've kept this band's heart ticking for more than 35 years.

Liner Notes

This is Roomful Of Blues' 17th album. Really quite an extraordinary achievement for any band. Some bands make only one record. Others perhaps two or three. A handful of acts hit big and the dough rolls in. Others just fade and die -- the bands disappear from sight and mind. A very few persevere, year after year, doing what they do because it is what they love to do, want to do, insist on doing. These are the committed, the believers, the visionaries. Big sales or small, no matter. This is who they are; this is what they will do. Period.

Roomful Of Blues is that kind of band. As the organization approaches its 35th year, the total of its alumni now nudges 50. Inevitably, Roomful's sound changes a little each time someone departs and another arrives. This is a Good Thing, as it keeps the music creative, fresh and fun. Throughout these changes, Roomful has maintained its artistic focus, maintaining a commitment to deliver great tunes with finesse and feeling.

Since I joined the Roomful organization in 1981 as publicist, manager and cheerleader, I have witnessed these changes firsthand. Such a period occurred between November, 2001 and May, 2002, a time when, ironically, I was preparing to retire from the band. During those months, Roomful added Mark Earley on baritone and tenor saxes (filling the former trombone spot), hired a great new singer, Mark DuFresne, changed bass players, gaining the very experienced and knowledgeable Brad Hallen, brought in the talented Mark Stevens on keyboards and, last but hardly least, hired a new drummer, Jason Corbiere.

My last night with Roomful Of Blues was at The Regatta Bar in Cambridge, MA, Saturday, May 18th, 2002. The new lineup smoked; long-time fans told Chris, Rich, Bob, myself and anyone within earshot that this was the best Roomful they had heard in years. It felt strange to leave the venue that night, knowing that a nearly 23-year association was coming to a close. I felt an odd mixture of joy and regret that I was leaving the band when it was sounding so undeniably great. It felt good to hear the final result of months of planning in which I had played a role, and yet I felt a sadness knowing I wouldn't get to hear these guys every night! This lineup had all the signs of being a keeper, a vintage Roomful indeed.

That's Right! is the first Roomful recording session since Hot Little Mama (cut in 1980) that I have missed. But listening to the results and Chris' kind invitation to me to contribute these notes compensate, at least partially, for my absence. In our ongoing correspondence, the guys keep harping on the fact that everyone is having a whole lot of fun these days, on stage and off. This recording exudes a tightness, a togetherness, and above all, a shared commitment to and love for the music. From the rocking title tune to the gently but insistently swinging "You're Driving Me Crazy," from the New Orleans jump of "Shame, Shame, Shame" and bayou grease of Eddie Bo's "I'll Keep On Trying" with its Guitar Slim feel, to the hauntingly melodic "Tennessee Woman," from the Big Maybelle "Ocean of Tears" to T-Bone's wry "I Know Your Wig Is Gone," from Little Milton's "I'm Tryin'" to the Bob Tate and Guitar Shorty query, "How Long Will It Last?," the band covers the gamut of blues styles effortlessly. The album ends with a gloriously raucous and distorted nod of the head to Elmore James with "Stranger Blues" a typically Roomful flourish in its stylistic counterpoint to the sophistication of "You're Driving Me Crazy." Truly, these guys cover all the ground. Their passion is palpable, the excitement contagious.

On its 17th album - the band is in magnificent shape.

And that's right, that's right, THAT'S RIGHT!

--Bob Bell

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"Crackling with energy, Roomful swagger, swan and most of all, swing. Let the party begin!"

"Fourteen-in-the-pocket tunes, powered by a new rhythm section and Roomful's legendary horn section. From elegant swing to hard boogie, Roomful Of Blues has tracked another winner"

    Track Name Duration  
Play Song 1 That's Right!
Author/Publisher:  Lambert & Powell, Langley Music Co., BMI
Play Song 2 We Can't Make It
Author/Publisher:  Josea & King, Careers BMG Music Publ., BMI
Play Song 3 Shame, Shame, Shame
Author/Publisher:  Fisher & Hopkins, Remick Music Corp. c/o Warner Bros. Inc., ASCAP
Play Song 4 How Long Will It Last?
Author/Publisher:  Reynolds, Reynolds & Andrews Publ., BMI
Play Song 5 You're Driving Me Crazy
Author/Publisher:  Donaldson, Donaldson Publ. Co. c/o Sussman & Assoc., ASCAP
Play Song 6 Ocean Of Tears
Author/Publisher:  McRae & Wyche, Regent Music Corp./Sony/ATV Songs LLC, BMI
Play Song 7 2 Point 8
Author/Publisher:  Prysock, Norbay Music, BMI
Play Song 8 I Know Your Wig Is Gone
Author/Publisher:  Walker, Lord & Walker Publ., BMI
Play Song 9 I'll Keep On Trying
Author/Publisher:  BoCage & McKinley, Music Collection Intl., BMI
Play Song 10 Lipstick, Powder and Paint
Author/Publisher:  Stone, Unichappel Music, BMI
Play Song 11 I'm Tryin'
Author/Publisher:  Campbell & Sain Jr., Conrad Music, BMI
Play Song 12 Tennessee Woman
Author/Publisher:  Robinson, Universal Duchess Music Corp., BMI
Play Song 13 I Just Got To Know
Author/Publisher:  McCracklin & Geddins, Rover Music/Budget Music/B-Flat Publ., BMI
Play Song 14 Stranger Blues
Author/Publisher:  James, Lewis & Robinson, Arc Music/EMI Longitude Music, BMI
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