The Big Squeeze

C.J. Chenier

The Big Squeeze

Zydeco legend C.J. and his band have an up-to-the-minute take on classic zydeco. "Zydeco's new torch hot rhythms and soulful grooves"--BLUES REVUE

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1. Au Contraire, Mon Frere 3:39
2. Don't You Just Know It 4:16
3. Have The Right 6:21
4. Mixed Up And Confused 3:29
5. Cheatin' On The Man You're Cheatin' With 3:11
6. Every Day I Have To Cry Some 4:01
7. I Can't Judge Nobody 4:09
8. Teddy Bear 2:34
9. The Moon Is Rising 6:25
10. Lion's Den 4:21
11. Part Time Woman 3:28
12. My Heart's Not Through Loving You 3:49
13. No Shoes Zydeco 3:22
14. Mon Cher 'Tite Bebe 3:32

C.J. Chenier, Accordion, Alto Sax, Flute and Vocals
Harry Hypolite, Guitar, Triangle and Bass Vocal
Micheal Great Bear Clair, Guitar, Percussion and Background Vocals
Mark Major, Guitar and Percussion
Clifford Alexander, Rubboard and Percussion
Glenn Griffin, Bass and Percussion
Greg "The Hammer" Gordon, Drums and Percussion
Vasti Jackson, Guitar, Bass and Percussion

The Legendary White Trash Horns:
Jon Smith, Tenor Sax
Steve Howard, Trumpet
Jerry Jumonville, Baritone Sax
Sam Fishkin and Brian Jensen, Additional Percussion


Produced by C.J. Chenier and Bruce Iglauer
Arrangements and Associate Production by Vasti Jackson
Recorded and mixed by Sam Fishkin
Every Day I Have To Cry Some and Mon Cher 'Tite Bebe mixed by Sam Fishkin and Brian Jensen
Recorded at Dockside Studios, Maurice, LA
Mixed at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, IL
Recording assistance by Tony Daigle and Jay Burton
Mixing assistance by Brian Jensen
Mastered by Jay O'Rourke, Bruce Iglauer and Sam Fishkin at Monster Disc, Chicago, IL
Cover design by Dan Bellini
Packaging design by Matt Minde
Photos by Randi Anglin


C.J. Chenier plays exclusively Baldoni Accordions

Special thanks to Sabian Cymbal Makers (David McAllister, Mardi, Peter Stairs and staff).

Thanks to Wish and Steve at Dockside -- you're the greatest! Very, very special thanks to Beau Jocques and Mark Savoy.






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