Janiva Magness

The Devil Is An Angel Too

The Devil Is An Angel Too
R&B and roots music sung with passion, conviction and soul. Gritty, powerhouse vocals infusing tales of love and loss with a cathartic mixture of scorching intensity and smoldering resolve. The music has a spare, jagged feel that accentuates Janiva's emotional investment in hard-hitting songs by Joe Tex, Nick Lowe, Julie Miller and more. "Stunningly sung...Magness is a blues star"--USA Today

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On the Bus With Janiva Magness -- what you should know about The Devil Is An Angel Too

Produced by Dave Darling and Janiva Magness
On the Bus With Janiva Magness -- what you should know about The Devil Is An Angel Too


Produced by Dave Darling and Janiva Magness
Recorded by Neil Citron at The Doghouse Studio and by Dave Darling and Ryan Lipman at The Shithouse.
Mixed by Dave Darling at Studio City Sound.
Mastered by Tom Weir at Studio City Sound.
Photos by Jeff Dunas at Studio 1289.
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec.
Hair and makeup by Anthony Gordon.
Alligator logo by Michael Trossman.

Just in case you are someone who actually reads the liner notes...I am writing this for you. Turns out this is a collection of stories that deals in the duality of the human condition. Darkness and Light. Turns out we all have some of each-light and dark on the inside. I know I do.

I have been told that "Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist." Well, you are looking at and listening to one of those very things-a Miracle. In part because of my love of this music and how it has lifted me up, and in part because someone was brave enough to stand for me when I was much younger, and a Foster Child at risk.

This CD is dedicated to all Foster Youth and Alumni. Kids who know far too much about the dark side of human beings and, in spite of that, are learning to do the right things and make that journey...from darkness into the light. Becoming Miracles.

To find out what you can do to change the lifetime of a child at risk, go to fostercaremonth.org and fostercarealumni.org. Support a Miracle.Thanks for tuning in and hopefully turning on...  -Love, Janiva www.janivamagness.comwww.fostercaremonth.orgwww.fostercarealumni.orgwww.blues.org

Much gratitude for all the good folks involved in the creation of this collection of songs. Most especially to Dave Darling for his magnificent creative spirit, cool ideas, inspiration and unwavering support. There's nothing else like knowing someone has got your back...

Gotta thank the Band: Dave Darling; Jeff Turmes; Gary Davenport; Zach Zunis; Stephen Hodges; Ted Andreadis; Arlan Schierbaum; Gonzalo Bergara; Brie Darling; Ernie Perez and Stevie Blacke. Gary Davenport uses Fender bass guitars, DR strings and Eden bass amps. Janiva Magness studies voice with Beth Andersen: beth@bethandersen.com.

Can't forget the super talented Engineers: Dave Darling; Neil Citron; Tom Weir and Ryan Lipman.

My good and trusted friends: Frank Wolf; Bill Bodine; Jeff Dunas; Lucian Capellaro; Melissa Nester; Wanda Leavey; Tom Leavey; Naomi Siegal and Beverly Macy.

Always remember to thank: Alligator Records; all the Alligators; The Blues Foundation; Bill Wax and XM/Sirius Radio; Intrepid Artists International; Casey Family Programs; Foster Care Alumni of America, and of course the endless support of: my husband and wickedly talented best friend, Jeff Turmes; Jacqueline Donahue Krain; Alice Culhane; Lisa Morgan; Dustyn Morgan; Geri Hochhalter; my fabulous Street Team; Charlie Lang and Bob Cortese.

Special gratitude to: Ms. Chris Levick for her grace, dedication and willingness to go the extra mile.

Inspiration by: Koko Taylor; Gladys Knight; The Pips; Lulu and Katie P; The Garbage Man and Fig and Kitty.

Actual places to thank: The Doghouse; The Shithouse and Studio City Sound.
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    Track Name Duration  
Play Song 1 The Devil Is An Angel
Author/Publisher:  Miller, Bughouse Music, Inc./Music Of Windswept c/o Bug Music, Inc. ASCAP
Play Song 2 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
Author/Publisher:  Randle, Irving Music, BMI
Play Song 3 Slipped, Tripped And Fell In Love
Author/Publisher:  Jackson, Screen Gems-EMI Music, Inc., BMI
Play Song 4 I'm Feelin' Good
Author/Publisher:  Bricuse & Newley, Musical Comedy Productions, c/o The Richmond Organization, BMI
Play Song 5 Weeds Like Us
Author/Publisher:  Tumes, Tight Shoes Music admin. by Eyeball Music, BMI
Play Song 6 Walkin' In The Sun
Author/Publisher:  Barry, Irving Music/Jeff Barry International, BMI
Play Song 7 End Of Our Road
Author/Publisher:  Penzabene, Strong & Whitfield, Stone Agate Music, BMI
Play Song 8 Save Me
Author/Publisher:  Nicholson & Sherrill, Gary Nicholson Music LLC., ASCAP/Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing/Sony/ATV Tree Publishing/Big Yellow Dog Music/City Wolf Music, BMI
Play Song 9 I Want To Do Everything For You
Author/Publisher:  Tex, Ft. Knox Music/Sony/ATV Tree Publishing/Trio Music Co,, BMI
Play Song 10 Your Love Made A U-Turn
Author/Publisher:  McClinton, Rise Music Co., BMI
Play Song 11 Homewrecker
Author/Publisher:  Lowe, Plangent Visions Music Inc., ASCAP
Play Song 12 Turn Your Heart in My Direction
Author/Publisher:  Turmes, Tight Shoes Music admin. by Eyeball Music, BMI
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