The Staple Singers - Collection 1953-62 3-CD Set

The Staple Singers, Mavis Staples

The Staple Singers - Collection 1953-62 3-CD Set

This 3-CD anthology brings together just about all the records they released on both singles and albums during that formative part of their career when the younger members were maturing and they were honing the style which would bring them classic R&B and pop hits in subsequent decades. As well as the A and B sides of their singles, including one or two on lesser known labels, it includes all the tracks from their albums during that era - "albums "Uncloudy Day", "Will The Circle Be Unbroken", "Swing Low", "Gospel Program" and "Hammer & Nails". It's a marvellous introduction to the group at the start of their glittering career

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The Staple Singers are one of the most celebrated and respected groups to have graced the gospel landscape in the post-war era, their music transcending the boundaries of the genres so that they became equally successful and admired across gospel, soul and R&B in a career that spanned six decades. The patriarch of the Staples family, Roebuck 'Pops' Staples, formed the group in Chicago with his children Cliotha, Pervis and Mavis, in 1948 when Mavis was just nine years old, and by 1952 they had signed their first recording deal with United. Over the next decade they recorded for various labels, most notably after United for Vee-Jay, Gospel and Riverside, their music already displaying a commercial bluesy edge which differentiated from much of the mainstream gospel of that era.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
    • It Rained Children
    • If I Could Hear My Mother Pray
    • God's Wonderful Love
    • Uncloudy Day
    • I Know I Got Religion
    • Let Me Ride
    • I'm Coming Home
    • Help Me Jesus
    • I Had A Dream
    • Since He Lightened My Heavy Load
    • Low Is The Way
    • On My Way To Heaven
    • I'm Leaning
    • Going Away
    • So Soon
    • Downward Road
    • Sit Down
    • Tell Heaven
    • Revive Us Again
Disc 2:
      • It's Gonna Rain
      • I Just Can't Keep It To Myself
      • This May Be The Last Time
      • This Same Jesus
      • Will The Circle Be Unbroken
      • Don't Drive Me Away
      • Pray On
      • Too Close
      • Come On Up In Glory
      • Somebody Saved Me
      • Let's Go Home
      • Don't Knock
      • I've Been Scorned
      • Swing Low Sweet Chariot
      • Sit Down Servant
      • I'm So Glad
      • Born In Bethlehem
      • Stand By Me
      • Two Wings
    Disc 3:
      • Calling Me
      • Day Is Passed And Gone
      • Good News
      • Hammer And Nails
      • Gloryland
      • Everybody Will Be Happy
      • Hear My Call, Here
      • Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
      • Great Day
      • I'm Willin' (Part 1)
      • I'm Willin' (Part 2)
      • Do You Know Him'
      • New-Born Soul
      • A Dying Man's Plea
      • New Home
      • Gamblin' Man
      • Use What You Got
      • The Virgin Had One Son
      • There Was A Star