Turn On The Night

Lonnie Brooks

Turn On The Night

Terrific songwriting, gutsy vocals and stinging guitar. "Excellent album...an absorbing, talented guitarist with plenty of rhythmic drive, strength and imagination"--GUITAR WORLD

No Longer Available on CD
Also Available Digitally:
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1. Eyeballin' 3:42
2. Inflation 3:36
3. Teenage Boogie Man 3:34
4. Heavy Traffic 3:35
5. I'll Take Care Of You 5:42
6. TV Mama 3:37
7. Mother Nature 5:26
8. Don't Go To Sleep On Me 3:30
9. Something You Got 3:35
10. Zydeco 2:42

Lonnie Brooks, Guitar and Vocals
Bob Levis, Guitar
Ken Saydak, Keyboards
Harlan Terson, Bass
Billy Jackson, Drums (on 1-1, 3 & 4, 2-3 & 5)
Merle Perkins, Drums (on 1-2 & 5, 2-1 2 & 4)

Horns on Eyeballin', Heavy Traffic, I'll Take Care Of You and Don't Go To Sleep On Me arranged by Bill MacFarland:
Paul Howard, Trumpet
Henri Ford, Alto and Baritone Sax
Jerry Wilson, Tenor Sax
Bill MacFarland, Trombone

Horns on Something You Got arranged by Jimmy Jewell:
Paul Howard, Trumpet
Jimmy Jewell, All Saxes

Produced by Bruce Iglauer and Lonnie Brooks
Fred Breitberg, Assistant Producer
Recorded at Curtom Studios, Chicago, IL
Engineered by Fred Breitberg
Assisted by Eddie B. Flick
Cover design by Ross & Harvey/Chicago, IL
Cover photo by Jim Matusik
Back cover photo by Kirk West

Special thanks to Barbara Hanson, Richard McLeese, Mindy Giles, Andrew Gerking, Otis Taylor, Pam Hall, Roy Filson, Karyn Esken and Sugar Shack Williams.