We The People

Guitar Shorty

We The People

Guitar Shorty delivers more of the heavyweight blues that sparked the popularity of his Alligator debut, Watch Your Back. Once again, Shorty blasts intense, piercing guitar work and raw, passionate vocals over raucous blues rock grooves to devastating effect.

1. We The People 4:19
2. What Good Is Life? 4:04
3. I Got Your Number 3:52
4. Runaway Train 4:59
5. Down That Road Again 4:58
6. Fine Cadillac 5:51
7. Can't Get Enough 4:23
8. A Hurt So Old 3:56
9. Who Needs It? 3:22
10. Blues In My Blood 3:11
11. Cost Of Livin' 4:10
12. Sonic Boom 3:14


Guitar Shorty: Vocals and Lead Guitar
Jake Andrews: Rhythm Guitar
Wyzard: Bass and Acoustic Guitar
John (JT) Thomas: Keyboards
Alvino Bennett: Drums

Produced by Wyzard and Brian Brinkerhoff
Recorded and Mixed by Larry Goetz at The Lair Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Recording Engineer: James Bennett
Additional Recording by Wyzard at Brown Baby Studio, Ocean Park, CA
Vocal coach: Vida Simon
Mastered by Dan Stout and Bruce Iglauer at Colossal Mastering, Chicago, IL
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec
Photos by Dan Monick
Alligator logo by Michael Trossman


Special Thanks to Bruce Iglauer for his unending support in getting this recording done; the entire team at Alligator Records for the hard work they do on my behalf; Steve Hecht, Tina Terry and everyone at Piedmont Talent for keeping me out on the road and busy touring; Georgina Moore of Moore Music Inc.; Dave McLaren; G&L Guitars and BBE Sound for giving me the sound and tone I’ve been looking for all my life; Gene Engellhart, my guitar tech at G&L, Thomastik-Infeld Strings for crisp clean sound and durability; Steve Gromm, Marc Cram and Bruce Pecher with Fender, who makes my favorite “The Twin” tube amps with the red knobs; my amp tech Paul Morte of Technical Services; Mike Perez with Nady Wireless Systems; Jim Dunlop for my picks; Bill Wenzloff with Morley Sound Enhancement for my effects; my producers Brian Brinkerhoff and Wyzard (Thanks Wyz, for making time in the studio great!); Vida Simon for the voice tips (I’m still practicing); Larry Goetz at The Lair Recording Studio for going the extra mile;  John Lee Cooper of Guitar Center, who’s always right there for me, even out on the road; my long-time friend Jerry “Swamp Dogg” Williams for years of support, advice and inspiration; Keb’ Mo’ for his production advice; Greg Brozik for taking the pressure off me on road trips; Gary Chiachi and Chris Maley and all the other DJs and radio stations who play my music; everyone who books live music; and most importantly the fans, whose energy keeps me going. Very special thanks to Lezlea Ross for her essential support and teamwork. –Guitar Shorty